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Mix MagicDo you know what happened when I took a spacy cocktail of all kinds of truffles? Then I got this brilliant idea in your favor: Mix Magic. Take it and tell me what brilliant plan happened to you.
NoteDo not take more than the recommended 15 gr.

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We work hard to provide you with the freshest magic truffles and grow kits available on the market. Although the product usually survives the shipment without harm you can contact us if freshness is not optimal.

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15 reviews for 3X Magic Truffles of Your Choice – BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    clefrancois (verified owner)

    Best. Truffles. Ever.
    Best. Shop. Ever.
    Ive bought from this shop many times in the past and they never disappoint.
    When ordering to the UK wasn’t possible a while back, I ordered from another company.
    They claimed to be selling the hollandia strain.
    They were very, very disappointing.
    I’m used to taking 15g+. Their product didn’t even touch the immensity I feel when taking the real deal.
    So, so happy you guys have started worldwide shipping again!

    • Peter de Boer

      Thank you so much!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    jdos1 (verified owner)

    I would give 6 or more stars if possible! Customer service is better than most companies in any sector; my questions were answered promptly. The message ticket system was new to me but worked fine. Shipping was much faster than promised; which was a pleasant surprise. Once payment was received it only took 10 days to arrive in US. I had serious doubts about ordering but package arrived in good condition and discretely. About the product… this was first time trying truffles but have used LSD, mushrooms, peyote in the past. I took a large dose because I was prepared for a deep trip. Took 15g hollandia and 15g Atlantis. After about 1 hr and still no affects thought I may have been scammed but not to be…the world opened up like always on psilocybin. Sat on my patio during thunderstorm and was treated to intense visuals.. very pleasant throughout and no bad tripping here. I became very cold and couldn’t really walk so retreated to couch with blanket and put on Thievery Corp. Very intense closed eyes visuals with patterns coming quickly and constantly. I felt as though in a magical bubble and could see the sounds from my speakers. More closed eye visuals than I remembered from other experiences. Peak lasted 3-4 hrs and comedown was clean and pleasant…slept well and woke refreshed. Excellent product…excellent service; many thanks from US!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    akeel_1713 (verified owner)

    Great deal. Shipping was fast and discrete as promised.

    The order was shipped on Wednesday and was recieved on Sunday. Much appreciated

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    alberanza (verified owner)

    Product took over a month to arrive. When I contacted support, they were quick to offer a re-shipment of the product for free. The order arrived a few days later, however, so I let them know what had happened and we’re currently working through further arrangements. Support was very polite, helpful, and generous throughout this process. Since it’s an international shipment it’s no surprise that there can be heavy delays, and while I’m not entirely sure what happened, I am very confident that Truffle Magic was not to blame for the delay, and I’ll be excited for the second batch. The packaging for the product was discrete and the truffles themselves were still perfectly wrapped in their vacuum sealed packages despite their long journey.

    I ordered two Atlantis and one Pajoritos, since it was my first time taking truffles. When I ordered in early April, I purchased the pajoritos with the intention of that being what I used for my first trip, however, when I eventually ended up taking them, I decided upon taking the Atlantis first since I wanted my first experience to be unforgettable. I took half the packet and watched TV as I waited for them to kick in. Around 45 minutes later, I wasn’t feeling any different, so I took the remainder of that package shortly before watching a movie. I was also the only person in my household taking the mushrooms that night, so I figured I should take them just so that the remainder didn’t go to waste after having been opened. After watching a movie, I felt a little buzzed and a little relaxed, and the colours were slightly more vivid, but I still wasn’t experiencing what I was looking for. What I did next is something I would not recommend someone new to this drug to do, but I took the second packet of Atlantis about 20 minutes before going to bed. I went to bed at the same time as the rest of my household, and at this time, the house was already starting to slowly shift colours, alternating between greens and blues at a gradual pace. When I turned the lights off, the dark world went entirely purple, which I found hilarious and profound in my delirious state.

    I both regret and don’t regret the decision to take that much Atlantis on my first trip. Once I was in bed, my thought processes began to change significantly, and I finally started experiencing proper hallucinations. However, they weren’t the visual hallucinations I was expecting, especially since the page for Atlantis described that they provided very visual hallucinations. The hallucinations I experienced were tactile in nature, and throughout the night the only visual differences I experienced were minor ones of colour while I was still awake, and an entirely purple room while I was asleep. The tactile hallucinations primarily affected my tongue and my hands. My hands explored my bedsheets, my body, my bedframe, and the wall next to me, as I constantly felt things that weren’t there even though they correlated to textures that were there. Meanwhile I found great amusement with licking my bed sheets and my pillow, as it felt like I could create a vortex that sucked me in with my tongue. That all felt very good and very amusing to explore. I would occasionally get scary hallucinations, notably occasions where it felt like my teeth had fallen out, but I was quickly able to recognise the hallucinations and maintain a grip, and I enjoyed going wherever my mind took me. During this time I had a profound connection to the universe, and it was decidedly evil in nature. It started when I felt like I was about to be sucked in to a vortex of bedsheets by an almost lovecraftian god, when I suddenly paused and had the thought ‘I Am’. I was the God, this creature, this universe. I felt like a serpentine god thanks to the tactile hallucinations making my body feel powerful and octopus-like, although I found that my mouth was very dry, almost certainly because I was licking my bedsheets too much. I felt like the most powerful being in the universe, or rather, I was the universe itself, who up until now had only been pretending to act human, fooling even myself. For a while I was able to revel in this powerful, evil feeling, having fully convinced myself of the strength of my own ego, with the hallucinations giving me the sensation that I could bend the universe to my whim. Ie, my bed and body felt like the universe, and licking my bed felt like I was spinning galaxies, albeit very dry galaxies.

    As time passed, my thought processes sped up, and I quickly found myself latching onto several phrases, such as ‘everything is purple’ ‘I do what amuses me’ ‘everything is fine,’ ‘I could but I shan’t’, ‘as I please’ and stuff like that. I experienced heavy existential anxiety every second, and would then immediately calm myself with my own heavily inflated ego. I was experiencing these mood swings so quickly that my thoughts and these key phrases began to feel like internal music, or an intense, fast spoken poem. I was thinking so quickly that every thought I had I thought twice. This experience soon sped up to the point that I was starting to get anxious. It was very difficult to move or convince myself to do much of anything, but I was able to check the time somehow. I realised that much less time had passed than I thought, and I started to get afraid that this experience wouldn’t end as soon as I wanted it to. I considered taking the bad trip stoppers, but in my delirious and heavily egotistical state I convinced myself that I was too powerful to need them. This was the first time in my life I had felt like myself, and I didn’t want it to end. On the other hand being myself meant that I didn’t have to concern myself with human needs. Acting human was simply what I did to amuse myself, otherwise I’d simply be lazing around doing nothing because I didn’t need to do anything, with enough knowledge to realise that life doesn’t mean anything until I’m able to make myself ignorant and disconnected enough to become human. Anxiety, conflict, and human needs were simply something I had chosen to construct of my own will in order to amuse myself, otherwise, I’d not just be staring at the existential void, I would just ‘be’ that same void. As such, I knew that I had had my fun, and the trip needed to stop, even if I wasn’t going to use the trip stoppers or ask my sleeping housemates for help. I managed to somehow drag myself to the bathroom, and I spent the next two hours that night forcing myself to repeatedly throw up. However, this wasn’t a painful experience, and it was at this point that my ego finally started to calm down, and my hallucinations slowed down as well, to the point that I could feel them coming and going. When I felt lucid, I was able to throw up, and when the hallucinations came back, I was able to rest my head against the toilet as I waited for it to pass. During this time I felt proud that I was able to survive this experience, and resist the own worst impulses and anxieties of my heightened ego. However having this ego also made me realise just how much power I had in the universe, and how much responsibility that power afforded me. Gained a greater appreciation for life and altruism largely because I felt that life would seem more entertaining and less bothersome than it would be if I acted on my worst, most selfish impulses. I was able to rationalise altruism and the reasons why I should take care of myself from the perspective of an evil, lovecraftian entity with total control over the universe. I was the universe and everyone else was a part of me. Moreover, it gave me the realisation that having confidence and ego is justified, and that confidence isn’t just a lie people tell themselves to get through life. I have extremely good reasons to be confident, in fact, my true self is too confident and powerful for his own good.

    I’ve read that most people who take mushrooms get the sensation of being connected to the universe, others around them, and themselves. Others also feel like they end up talking to God or other almighty beings. I can say that this experience gave me those things. Taking this drug will not alter your state of mind, it will amplify it. You will become your true self and you will meet your version of god, whatever form it may take. In my case, my real self and my god were one and the same thing. But even despite that heavy egotism, that extreme, evil power trip, I still learned the same things as everyone else. I got the experience I was looking for, and that’s why I feel like I won’t take mushrooms again for the time being, even if more are on the way. Going on another trip would definitely be fun, but I don’t want to rely on these truffles as a crux. I should learn from my true self to develop my sense of confidence.

    If you take these, you need to be prepared to face what you secretly know is already waiting for you. If you’re not ready for that, don’t rush to buy these. If that’s what you need right now, I highly recommend you do your research and buy whichever truffles you think you’d be the most comfortable with. Just take much less than I did for your first time. Get a weaker variant and start with half a package, and be patient. The high will eventually come. As for me, with the Pajoritos still left untouched and with more mushrooms on the way, I think I’ll be satisfied with being a sitter for whichever friends are ready to take these when they’re ready.

    Thanks a lot for the great product, great service, and unforgettable experience.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    jacobunderwood1 (verified owner)

    Not really sure where to start…

    First of all, I was very unsure about ordering internationally, and I had a little confusion with they payment info, but ultimately figuered it out. Peter was very helpful and reassuring, all 3 came in 9 days after being shipped without any interference.

    So on to my journey. This was the first time I have tried psilocybin, so I just assumed it’d be similar to smoking weed or something close to it. My friend and I split 12 grams consuming 6 grams each of Atlantis , we did feel as though something was trying to launch off the ground but ultimately we didn’t experience anything other than a slight buzz, so I realized to really feel it I’d probably just need to take a whole 15grams.

    2 days later after getting home from work I decided that before my wife leaves town for 2 weeks, I should just try consuming 15 grams of utopia. So I took a shower cut up the utopia almost like minced garlic and put it in a shot glass, I then poured half a glass of simply lemonade, and shot the truffles down the hatch followed by some lemonade. I also had just gotten over having the flu and I was still a little stuffy,

    5:43 and it was all consumed, so I just sat there curled up on the couch with a fluffy blanket waiting for the magic…. and … then I started seeing everything in a new perspective. Not really tripping, no shapes or breathing walls, just kind of a uncomfortable feeling, like my body was fighting it, this continued for 2 hours probably. I was a little dissapointed, where was the crazy sights and feelings? Then I decided to take a puff on the ol piece pipe, nothing special, just some weak stuff. And then…..

    BOOM! 9:15…almost 4 hours after taking utopia I found myself in a cacoon sitting on the couch wrapped in a feeling that cannot be found on this earth in any other way, A feeling of acceptance, true love, care, passion, and so many other positive feelings I can’t even explain, I just cried like a baby in front of my wife who was wiping my tears, I closed my eyes and saw waves of green and purple, I saw thin tall golden metal machines that were cautious and curious, but they were just a glimpse. Although all this seems beautiful I can’t leave out the dark side, it takes almost no effort to go south fast, disturbing images can pop up without warning but if you choose to not accept them they just fade away, but for the most part you can learn just as much from the darkness as you can from the light. “The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight”-joseph Campbell

    I had a true spiritual rebirth, and that’s the only way I can describe it.
    Now time to try hollandia 🙂
    Cheers! ?

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    stwiken (verified owner)

    First time trying magic truffles, so I started with Pajaritos only 5 gram. Smoked some weed around one hour before i took them.
    The tast was pretty sour, but it was okay. I was very nauseous just minutes after i ate them, but it didn’t last so long. Almost 2 hours before some effect, but it was relaxing and euforic, not much visuals, but had a great time. 2 days later I took the rest almost 11 gram and had a beautiful experience with some visual. Looking forward to trying a stronger type. Delivery was very fast and discreet. Thank you TruffleMagic.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    alienpetr (verified owner)

    Second time ordering through Trufflemagic. Shipment arrived after one week. Took me a while to figure it out whats the best way for the payment (had some trouble) Finally transferring the money straight to the account is the easiest and fast.
    Finally to my experience. I ordered Holandia, Utopia and Atlantis. Good friend of mine (experience medicine man and Shaman) came over around 10pm. I was fairly tired at that time and was considering to leave this troufles experience for another time. But we decided to sit down and split the back of Utopia. Im a big guy (not fat) and quiet hi tolerance. So i knew half a bag is not going to be a lot. But its a good start. My Shaman friend also had is Rapes and his own medicine that actually works very well with Truffles. We had great start. My girlfriend came from work at that time. She didn’t want any troufles only glass of wine (woman right) 😀
    So far we get energized and very good athmosfer. We slowly crunched half and half the bag of Atlantis. We had plenty of water and easy snack around. Right about 12 (midnight) we had some amazing outbursts of laugh and amazing buzz. Cut the long story short we decided to slowly crunch the last bag of Holandia (which supose to me the strongest) We had such a good time and felt so good. One of a kind experience. There was no need to be keeping the last Holandia bag for later. My advice is once you have a good setting and great athmosfer. Good people around. Well just go for it full on speed then. Rather then carefuly and slowly microdose. I tried that once and didn’t work for me. If you feel good and see its a right moment and occasion. Then go for it full speed and enjoy. Start slowly. Half a bag. Built it up and see how you feel.
    We had such a great time and constant crazy ideas and amazing laughs. My stomach and abs still hurts now. If we had another bag we probably eat it all. I had beautiful mind visions. Music was smoothly jelling. It was definitely memorable experience. So many jokes and great ideas we created that carries on with you. So even next day or next week or month you will have the reference of this great feeling that can be recolected.
    So again Thank you truffle magic team and all you good people outthere. Be safe ,look after yourselves and be happy.
    Thanks Petr (Ireland/czech republic)

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    hollybroadbent (verified owner)

    Great deal ordered Utopia, Hollandia and Tampenesis, unfortunately I got sent some Atlantis instead of the Tampenesis, but not to worry!
    Ordered Wednesday and arrived the following Thursday, 8 days to the UK.
    More than 15g in each packet also!
    We took 8g each of the Utopia on an empty stomach and it was very mild so after 3 hours we decided to take another 8g each, gave us some mild but pretty visuals, room was slightly breathing but not much else, next time trying Utopia I would take the 15g all at once, still a really great deal though, can’t wait to try the Atlantis in a couple of months time 🙂

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    mital_mital_ (verified owner)

    Great service, arrived to UK in just 5 days… i purchased Pajaritos, Atlantis and Utopia this was my first truffle trip and me and my friend took half a portion of Atlantis each (7.5g) and went to a nature reserve, it was an amazing experience walking through the trails listening to Ed Sheeran lol visuals were ok, colours very beautiful, slight morphing also, felt like we was in a computer game, slight loss of sense of reality, trip lasted around 4 hours, we had also consumed alcohol before the trip… Cant wait to try the other strains and i will definitely be ordering again! 🙂
    Tips – be in good company, be somewhere in nature where you wont be disturbed by other people, sunshine makes it better 🙂

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    craiglongsalter (verified owner)

    I have just placed for 3rd order for this great deal. I had never tried shrooms or truffles before ordering from this great site, and I have been working my way from weakest to strongest strain in an attempt to help my mental health.
    The Mexicana and Tampanensis were my favourite of the weaker strains, The Pajaritos had little effect on me.
    But this weekend I had 15g of Atlantis and they provided me with exactly what I needed! Trippy visuals, AND the most intense therapy of my life. But because the psilocybins open up all your extra brain pathways that aren’t usually used, nothing about my issues felt scary because every issue that came up, was able to be rationalised because those extra pathways opening up stopped my brain from reacting to those issues in the same way.
    I am in LOVE with this site, and no therapist nor drug comes close to the spiritual, meditational and tribal experience of these truffles.
    I can not wait to try the Utopia and Hollandia strains next! If anyone else is on here searching for help with their mental health, I would recommend you do a similar thing to me and work your way up from weakest to strongest, because I was prepared for it by the time I tried the Atlantis, but would have probably been a bit overwhelmed if I had of dived straight in at the deep end.
    I also recommend that this as a solo project for soul searching, whilst listening to Leftfield – Leftism, or Underworld – Dubnobasswithmyheadman. Those are the two albums that have REALLY provided the soundtrack to my trips.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    grinchylynchy (verified owner)

    was hesitant initially ordering these products from an international vendor, however the service and products are great. ordered two Tampanensis and one Utopia. They arrived very quickly and Peter was extremely fast in responding to any emails. The Utopia visuals weren’t as strong as i expected (took 10g, then 5g 2/3 hours later) but the headspace was incredible with very deep thoughts. my girlfriend and friend took the Tampanensis and we all had an awesome trip. Thank you very much Peter.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    djat806 (verified owner)

    *4hr Trip

    These blew my mind. Words cannot describe the feeling these brought to me. The Joy was amazing, I’ve never experienced joy like this , I laughed my ass off , a cried and laughed again. I’ve always been a deep thinker so I tried 15g my 1st time ever , with a few bowls of chemdawg. And wow. This changed my life the lights , the love , the feeling. DO THIS WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE!!!!.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    sebesta873 (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about ordering but I took a chance and made an order. iwas so impressed with the product and shipping that I made some more orders. I am so pleased with the service I will be a lifetime customer

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    tusharmallick1 (verified owner)

    Ordered Atlantis, Utopia and Hollandia so far only tried Atlantis so far but it was just amazing like a months worth of therapy in one shot. I ate 10g as I haven’t had truffles in many years but I must say it was an amazing experience. I also dabbed some concentrates to increase the visuals and and mellow me out but the trip was perfect lasted close to 3 hours. Took 10days to come which is amazing for the US, so thank you TruffleMagic for the amazing job!

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    moms4israel (verified owner)

    Awesome deal. Awesome amazing experience wth Atlantis and Mexicana. Very dual reality. Dancing visuals

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