Magic Truffles Growkit Atlantis

Content: 565 ml
Effect: Very visual trip
Yield: 50-80 g


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Looking for a magic truffle that gives you a stunning visual trip? Don’t look any further: the Psilocybe atlantis is the right truffle for you! Take the Atlantis, and beautiful visuals and colourful patterns are guaranteed. Especially for the more experienced truffle lover the Atlantis is the right product! The Psilocybe atlantis is also called “Fruits of Utopia” The […]

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Fresh Guarantee

We work hard to provide you with the freshest magic truffles and grow kits available on the market. Although the product usually survives the shipment without harm you can contact us if freshness is not optimal.

Looking for a magic truffle that gives you a stunning visual trip? Don’t look any further: the Psilocybe atlantis is the right truffle for you! Take the Atlantis, and beautiful visuals and colourful patterns are guaranteed. Especially for the more experienced truffle lover the Atlantis is the right product! The Psilocybe atlantis is also called “Fruits of Utopia”

The Atlantis was discovered in Fulton County, Georgia. The magic truffles have a taste and smell which many people find more attractive than other magic truffles. Atlantis is slightly less strong than the hollandia. Yet, the Psilocybe atlantis has enough of the active ingredient for a stunning visual experience.



Wait three days, and have the freshest and most potent truffles you’ve ever tasted! These growkits are developed by mycologists who know everything about magic truffles, with the help of cutting-edge technology!

Instructions for the Magic Truffle Growkit:

1 – Remove the lid of the inner (transparent) box, and keep it open like this for three days.

2 – After three days, put the truflle (inner box) contents into the lid of the outer box.

3 – Use the holes of the outer box as a strainer, running tap water through it. Rinse it off with cold water until only truffles are left inside the lid. Shake the lid a little while doing so.

4– If you aren’t going to eat the truffles now, keep them in the fridge. They stay fresh for at least two weeks.


Be sure to read the full Magic Truffle Growkit Instructions.


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6 reviews for Magic Truffles Growkit Atlantis

  1. tommymloft (verified owner)

    You literally need NO experience with growing or harvesting anything as it’s practically all done for you. Very easy and more value for your money if it’s between this or the usual truffle boxes.

  2. Angie Cross (verified owner)

    took just under 2 months to get here but in my not-having-done-shrooms-before-tonight experience well worth the wait. when i received the grow kit two truffles were already grown near the top of the inner box that i harvested and took half of out of curiosity + being impatient for harvesting the whole thing

    the taste was not nearly as bad as i expected; definitely not good, but easily masked. i just ate a bit of peanut butter after the first few chews and was fine. since it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing i hadnt been fasting and had definitely been eating sugar, so what i took definitely wasnt as potent as it could have been

    the initial nausea was worse than i thought it would be, but once i got past that everything was amazing. definitely not as many visuals as i was expecting but that may be because i didnt prepare properly in regards to not eating for a few hours. but with where i was i didnt care to be disappointed about that. a very good trip for a first time and i was weirdly aware of myself, knew what to avoid to stay away from bad thoughts.

    going to harvest the whole thing today and maybe get my friend who tripsat to try some too given how great my try was (god bless his soul for staying up all night listening to my nonsense)

  3. Georgina Stalford (verified owner)

    Order arrived quickly and there was a large amount in the pack to be harvested. I was a trip sitter for someone as it was their first time and they had 12 grams. I made it into a tea and he drank the liquid as well as eating the chopped up truffles. It kicked in very quick in around 30 minutes and lasted for around 6 hours but once the visuals subsided he was still feeling some effects into the evening and he said colours were still much brighter than normal about 9 hours after taking although he felt pretty normal other than that.

    He had strong visuals which seemed to start only with his eyes closed but then built up to full open eye visuals. Sounds and smells were a big part of his trip and he had a good time listening to music with lots of different scents around him. He had a very deep and profound experience and although he went in at a medium/low dose as it was his first time, he immediately wished he had taken a larger dose as soon as he started tripping (would still recommend the dose he had to start though). He managed to take a phone call and have a normal conversation about halfway through for around 5 minutes but he would have had trouble looking sober in person. He said afterwards that he felt like he could hold a normal conversation if he had to but not for too long.

    I would definitely recommend Atlantis, the truffles were fresh and easily harvested and seemed more potent and faster to work compared to other truffles I’ve had before. There is still around 30 grams left or more so he’s very happy as he gets to trip again and try a higher dose and I can have some too. On the taste side.. he didn’t mind the taste so I think either they taste a bit nicer than previous ones I’ve had or the tea calmed the taste a bit, I will update once I’ve tasted them myself but for now we are very happy customers! I think for someone who is very sure they want to have a full experience and who is in a safe and comfortable setting then it can be a good truffle for a first timer at a sensible dose as it gives full visuals and a good insight into the psychedelic experience but still with an awareness of surroundings.

  4. nikitakurpas (verified owner)

    My order arrived 2 weeks later after I’ve placed it (within EU).
    At first, I didn’t know how the truffles should look like (because they were quite small when I bought packaged ones in Amsterdam), so I washed the kit as instructed, but still, during my first trip, I ate the substance that they were growing in (huge facepalm), and got a bad trip – I felt nervous, anxious, etc… But maybe it was also because of the person I was tripping with, IDK…
    But then I’ve figured out that I ate a bunch of crap, and figured out that you need to wash those little balls that truffles are growing in. The truffles in the grow kit are actually pretty big, compared to the ones you can buy in Amsterdam. And my next trip was truly majestic! I was tripping with a girl I liked and we had an amazing time! She had beautiful visuals, and I had a very happy and mind-opening experience.
    I would definitely recommend these, but eat truffles themselves, not the stuff they are growing in :D, and pick a person(s) that you feel comfortable with to trip – it really matters a lot.

  5. butlerofdeath (verified owner)

    Just harvested today- 66 grams! I saved some pieces for later, made others into candy, but I also had around 15-20 g today. I’ve had packaged Atlantis before but I could really tell a difference in potency with the truffle harvested barely an hour before compared to packaged stuff… I might never go back!

    The effects kicked in in under half an hour and much more suddenly than I’ve had them come from packaged truffles. From the onset visuals were very strong and I was even having mild auditory hallucinations and loss of time. Nothing scary or too overwhelming, but it was a new experience that was very beautiful and exciting. I would say it took 5-6 hours for the visuals to fully fade but even now around 8 hours later I am still feeling a very nice body buzz and high.

    They took almost two months to get here but I blame that entirely on the local customs and luckily when the kit arrived it was still perfectly fresh! Definitely worth the wait. I’ll be portioning out taking the rest, but very happy!

  6. Anonymous

    At 7 grams of these truffles in one go, about 30 minutes into it got the most random giggles ever. Everything was hilarious. About 3 hours into it had incredibly insightful thoughts, along with some more funny times. Re-dosed twice as I was feeling the come down, and it brought me back up. Bright visuals, strong closed eye hallucinations, really strong truffles. Ate about 15g in total and this was my first time trying psilocybin, and it was the most amazing and insightful experience I’ve had. Tasted disgusting though, puked in my mouth as I was re-dosing because it was extremely sour and just manky. Don’t eat if you have to deal with annoying people like parents, because there is no hiding it. Your eyes are plastered so no chance at playing it off.

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