100% MYCELIUM Magic Mushroom Growkit McKennaii

Content: 1200 ml
Yield: 400-800 gram


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Trufflemagic’s 100% Mycelium kits are 100% colonized by mycelium substrate to get the best yields possible. You don’t need to soak these under water, just a little spraying with water every now and then. If you follow the instructions, nothing can go wrong. You’ll get the best magic mushrooms with hardly any effort! Named after […]

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Fresh Guarantee

We work hard to provide you with the freshest magic truffles and grow kits available on the market. Although the product usually survives the shipment without harm you can contact us if freshness is not optimal.

Trufflemagic’s 100% Mycelium kits are 100% colonized by mycelium substrate to get the best yields possible. You don’t need to soak these under water, just a little spraying with water every now and then. If you follow the instructions, nothing can go wrong. You’ll get the best magic mushrooms with hardly any effort!

Named after Terence McKenna, the godfather of the psychedelic movement, the McKennaii is a rather new strain of magic mushroom. She is stronger than the once populair “Hawaiian”, which is much tougher to cultivate and grow.
This magic mushroom will blow your mind and it’s definitely intended for the advanced psychonaut.
For intense philosophical moments and guaranteed visuals!!

Strain origin: The Netherlands

Appearance: The caps are dark brown and vary in shape from plain to complex convex shapes. The stems are thick and robust.

Strength: 5/5

Be sure to read the Magic Mushroom Growkit Instructions.

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28 reviews for 100% MYCELIUM Magic Mushroom Growkit McKennaii

  1. Joel Howells (verified owner)

    Quick delivery now just waiting for harvest them

  2. Aleksandr Podberiozkin (verified owner)

    Hi everyone. I have a question about mckenaii.
    So i got my kit, i started the process 3 weeks ago,15 or 16 days were no sign of mushrooms,after pop up first pins,and now last 5-7 days they almost the same size,not growing at all. Maybe few milimetre bigger. And they are in black color.is that ok for this kit to grow so slow,and is it ok that pins are black?
    Or im doing something wrong???
    I watering once in 2 days 2-3 presses from spray bottle,room temperature 17-20 degrees C°.
    Thanks for advice in advance☮️

  3. Hendrik Christoffel Plessis (verified owner)

    Perfect timing a wait 3weeks for my growkit and cant wait for the first harvest thank you all at trufflemagic for your good work…

  4. Daniel Andress (verified owner)

    How often would you recommend to mist this kit, and how many sprays?


  5. Jessie Farmer (verified owner)

    Hey, first-timer here, was wondering if I need to flush with water before putting the cake in the bag for the first time or is that only necessary for the second harvest and up? – Thanks.
    P.S. Arrived very fast, just over a week in Europe.

  6. doodledtiger (verified owner)

    Im honestly speechless. I made the mistake of harvesting pins and not waiting for them to grow fully. I harvested about .7g’s of pins. The same day I took them thinking there would be no effect but boy I was wrong. That .7 gs of pins took me on a memorable journey comparable to a 2.5g trip. Im guessing the pins already had a ton of psilocybin already. I even went into VR during the come up and truly thought I was living in the game which is pretty cool. I then took some marijuana and chilled outside looking at the view. It was hoestly breath taking. I felt so futuristic. I obviously can’t really explain what I saw but it was great. These shrooms gave me great philosophical thoughts and I felt and still feel great about life. Thank you so much.
    – HDBro

  7. joshuabareja2 (verified owner)

    Took a very long time to get them, not the sites fault, just the courier, the support team has been very helpful and quick to reship, can’t wait for the kit to start pinning!

  8. tu88er (verified owner)

    Just got the kit! Great thanks guys!
    Now should I submerge it for a soak for 12 hours or there is no need?

  9. Marty (verified owner)

    My grow kit arrived safely and less than two weeks later is now producing mushrooms – thanks for the great service. I started off by having the kit in the hot press (airing cupboard) for a week or so but now I have a heat mat so I’ve now placed them in very subdued light in the corner of a room. Is there an optimal size at which to harvest a mushroom? Two have them have reached a height of about 8cm, with the caps about 2cm, and I plan to pick these now, while many of the others are much smaller / growing more slowly. Also: when the mushrooms grow at varying speeds like this, is it perhaps indicative of inconsistent heat and is this problematic? Any tips much appreciated.

    • Peter de Boer (verified owner)

      Hi Marty,

      Thanks for the nice words, for advice its best to send a customer service ticket, that way you get a quicker reply. It is normal to have them grow at different speeds. I would cut the bic ones carfully. With carefully I mean as clean as possible, so maybe in an empty shelf of a cabinet and definitely in a cleaned environment with a cleaned knife and hands. There is no optimal size, the perfect time to harvest is when the skin under the head is just starting to break. When you see that, harvest immediately, otherwise everything will be full of spores. The spores will compete with the mycelium and hinder mushroom growth. After harvest you can regrow mushrooms for up to 5 times by just letting it sit in water overnight and draining it. Enjoy the shrooms!

  10. n.kirvalidze1999 (verified owner)

    Hi, it’s a great product, but I have a question, while I was growing them, my idiot roommate took it out, touched it and well somehow it got contaminated, (molded) just a little bit. So I removed the mlded area with a knife, steriled of course. but here’s the thing, I removed the top layer, about santimetre thick. How deep are the spores planted and will it grow?

  11. n.kirvalidze1999 (verified owner)

    Guys I poured a water on it, kept it 20 hours, took it out, put it in the bag, that came with it, and moistured it on the sides of the bag. For a day or two wether was fine, sunny and temperature between 25-30 Celsius. But then dropped to 5-8 Celsius for two weeks. I keep my kit in the ceiling, because of family. Then it has been sunny and worm ever after (two weeks). But my mushroom didn’t grew a bit. Did I ruined it? Please help me. This is really precious to me.

    • Bob

      It sounds like to might be that the ki was both too warm and too wet. Water should be sprayed on the side of the bag but not directly on the soil. Also, the ideal temperature is around 20 Celsius so you were keeping it 5 degrees warmer.

      Remember fungi are not the same as plants. They do best in dark humid environments and don’t need the sun to grow.

  12. alienpetr (verified owner)

    Hi. First of all thank you again for great service and quick deivery. First i start with my growing experience that might help others.
    I coudnt find much information about growing except after about a wek or 10 days mushrooms will start growing.
    So my Mushrooms even after 2 weeks were nowhere to be seen and i was worried. This mckennall strain is slow grower. So dont panic guys and give it at least 2 weeks or 20 days before you start seeing the mushrooms. So be patient. Also if you see mushrooms growing from the sides and not from the top. I strongly recomend you to remove the cake out of the box and place it in bigger place that allow mushrooms grow from the sides. Also this strain mckennall love a warmer temperature. So if you dont have a heating mat (which i recommend) place it on warmer surface. I found place behind my Tv on tv box thats nice and warm.
    Not so after you have some mushroms i experimented with different methods. Made beautiful tea. When chopped mushrooms on smaller pieces and soak them in lemon and honey for 15 mins. Then i boiled water in the boal and boiled them with cloves (like hot wine) boil it nice and slow for 10 or 20 mins. Then this tea can be served. Beautiful taste and mushrooms taste like fruit. Find a right dose for you but dont be afraid to take more. They are beautiful. You canot overdose or get too deep unless you would eat the whole kit yourself 😀 So people enjoy this as a medicine. Its beautiful. Dmt like or Ayhovaska like experience apart from that there is no throwing up or physical discomfort. So pure goodness. Enjoy your spiritual journey and believe me Mushrooms are the best. Its the oldest inteligent organizm on this planet.
    Greetings to you all. Peter from Ireland (originally from czech republic)

  13. peter_andrews76 (verified owner)

    Hello first time growing question. When it says harvest the mushrooms in your pdf do i need to pull them out by the roots or just clip them at the bottom of the stem with scissors or do they just come out easy with one pull intact. Basically im wandering if leaving any stem stumps or roots or whatever contaminates or effects the next grow thanks. And will these mushrooms be stronger than the Hawaii truffles because of my experimental doings with other substances i seem to need to take 3-6 times more than others for the same effects. uk ship 3 days super fast.

    • Peter de Boer

      Hi Peter, “pull them out by the roots” is the best way to harvest the grow kit. You can always email me if you have more questions :)!

  14. jason (verified owner)

    Amazingly quick delivery great kit, also like to say even as an experienced person in this field. Enlightening information and great customer service. Many kind regards. Love peace and harmony

  15. jofisluke72 (verified owner)

    grow kit has arrived…very pleased with the shipping, just wondering what the typical trip dosage is for fresh shroom…as alot of the dosage information ive read is for dried shrooms…please advise..

  16. jofisluke72 (verified owner)

    grow kit has arrived…very pleased with the shipping, just wondering what the typical trip dosage is for fresh shroom…as alot of the dosage information ive read is for dried shrooms…

  17. Steen

    Recived my kit today, surprisingly fast, ordered it 11th June, recived it today 16 June.

    Looking forward to grow it.

    But i miss the fact that there could be more guidance on this webpage and maybe compare the diffrent methots.

  18. Grams

    What’s the story with these I’m very interested in micro dosing and maybe taking enough to have a spiritual experience. Set my intention and wondor about consciousness while high. Can anyone tell me how long the trip lasts and the average dose to take?
    Anyone with insight is much appreciated.

  19. Peter de Boer

    Hi the growkits come ready to grow so the spores are already prepared.

  20. Elija Sweetland

    So I have not bought a kit yet was wondering if I had to buy spores seperate or does the kit comes ready with everything

  21. Givi

    My McKennaii looks like mazatapek but it is ok 😀 thanx!!!

  22. kevin

    took 6 g dried mckennai. total rebirth and clense. dmt like experience but with ability to manoeuvre in said land. these aresults no your reg mushrooms. very dmt like…spiritual and more enjoyable than dmt…

  23. Ami


  24. Josh Hayes (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the results of this product. Very visual and although a slow grower it is much worth the wait.

  25. Michael (verified owner)

    Has grown quickly to my surprise. Till now I had two harvests ob about 400 gr wet together. Harvested in time and better a bit to early to keep the myzel free of spores. After a third coldshock I´ll try another one. Had about 3-4 gr dry and YES – true mindjourney.
    Worth the buy!

  26. Waldi

    Same here my friend and I tried them more than 1.5g and nothing at all. Did it the next day again and nothing. I’m really upset and disappointed in this product. Same question can you do something wrong?

  27. Vadim (verified owner)

    My shrooms grew fast, they had to grow at least 3 days more. I don’t know, is it bad or not. But I think, that something is wrong with them. They might be the strongest, but my friends, who ate magic shrooms for the first time, ate 1.5-2.0g of dried shrooms and felt nothing. Maybe I did something wrong. I had 2 harvests and 450g mushrooms. If anything will grow again, it will be the good deal!

  28. Zegiklekkernie (verified owner)

    I really enjoy watching mushrooms grow, I tried 3 kits at the same time, thai, mc kennaii and goldenteacher. mcKennaii is definetely the slowest grower but it comes up an masse, I did cautiously remove a forunner or two, don’t want any spores in the batch. Thai is second and GT sprouts beautifully. I process them in honey, this is a perfect way of preservation I picked up in Wales where I first learned of magic mushrooms. picking them in wild, robot-coupe them in honey. also they were dried and even frozen in. honey works fine for me. also because it does not raise any eyebrows when traveling. I personally believe mushrooms to be an alien race that (amongst others more like us) inahbit the planet to help humanity evolve in consciousness, meaning raising one vibration in order to shet us from suffering. Of course we can learn through adversity as well as Unconditional Love. i prefer the latter and hope you will too. Mushrooms seem to vibrate with me a lot. After rinsing the robotcoupe i drank the mixture of Mc Kennai, so this was a very light portion, like a theaspoon, just to connect with this being for the first time and it kept me up till late. i think this is the most potent type of the three and am very looking foreward to the next time/place to connect. tonns of Love!


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