Outstanding Magic Truffle straight from the Netherlands

Next to the windmills, wooden shoes and tulips Holland has his next export product that is about to surprise the world: the Psylocibe Hollandia.

The Psylocibe Hollandia is a magic truffle that is the result of years and years of cultivation of the natural stimulant magic truffles. Magic Truffles are the truffles that grow on certain mushrooms. Magic truffles are the legal and harmless natural counterpart of synthetic tripdrugs like LSD.

The 70 year old Dutch grower has been busy growing magic truffles for the past 20 years. This long experience in growing truffles has resulted in the Psylocibe Hollandia. What maken the Hollandia unique is that the truffle contains the optimal amount of the actieve ingredient. This way consumers will experience the optimal effect. The very precise production process ensures that this magic truffle can be consumed with no worries. The active ingredient is psylocibine. The big advantage is that all of the active ingredient is out of the body within 24 hours.

Magic Truffles have the same active ingredient as magic mushrooms. Allthough magic mushrooms are illegal, magic truffles are not. The magic truffle is much milder as the magic mushroom. This was one of the reasons to leave magic truffles out of the ban.

For anybody who is curious, the Psilocybe Hollandia can be ordered. Unlike other breeds of magic truffles the Psylocibe Hollandia can only be ordered via www.trufflemagic.com. You can also find everything you want to know on the subject magic truffels.

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