Lecture: Dr Ruud Kortekaas over bijna dood ervaringen (deels Engels)

Video van een lezing van Dr. Ruud Kortekaas over een boeiend en controversieel onderwerp, de bijna dood ervaring. In deze lecture wordt erg duidelijk uitgelegd wat een bijna dood ervaring is en hoe de echtheid van een dergelijke ervaring wordt bepaald.

R. Kortekaas studied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Leiden. After graduation he worked for a year as a research scientist for the Psychiatry Dept. of GlaxoSmithKline near London, UK. This work was focused on the development of a novel class of antidepressant drugs. His Ph.D. research centered on neuromodulation (deep brain stimulation and local infusion of pharmaca) as a memory enhancing intervention. This project used hippocampal brain waves (esp. ‘theta’) as the primary end point.
He came to his current employer, the UMCG, do a post-doc in Neurology, using PET to study neurodegeneration, reward and addiction. After four years he accepted a permanent position at the UMCG which involved a training in Anatomy and currently lecturing in Human Neuroanatomy as well as innovative functional brain research.

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