New research team transforms lives with magic mushrooms

During the last 15 years,  the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has dosed hundreds of people with various psychedelic drugs. William Richards, who specializes in the psychology of religion, sees psychedelics can be used to unlock parts of the brain for the better.

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Great results with entheogens

Magic mushrooms have already shown promising results in treating conditions from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to addiction.

Richard is the first researcher to call these goods “entheogens” (the god within) instead of “drugs” or “psychedelics”, because magic truffles and magic mushrooms are nothing less than entheogens!


“It’s a very hopeful time”

Garcia-Romeu, a researcher in his team, explained: “Basically you give someone a really high dose and they have a really transformative experience. And you’ve prepared them for that and then after the fact, you help them integrate it and they get on with their lives.”. These profound experiences are helpful and enrich and transform people’s lives for the better.

Johns Hopkins team’s first study of psilocybin and mystical experience was commended for its rigor and called a “landmark” by a former director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse. In the last 10 years, the scientific evidence has grown to a point where things need to change. “Things are just opening up all over the place, so it’s a very hopeful time.”

Permission to use these entheogens as research material, is still hard to obtain. Ironically, the “drugs” are not considered to have any medical value, according to the government.


William Richards

“One study at a time, more and more research, more and more universities getting involved, people getting over the fear that it’s going to hurt the reputation of their school or destroy their professional credentials if they get involved in psychedelics.”, Richards said.

Richards himself used his experience with psychedelics while grieving the loss of his wife to cancer, decades ago. Therefore, he takes extremely good care of everyone who volunteers in his studies. Making them feel comfortable and safe.

Source: The Guardian (2016)


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  1. Dale 9th February 2017 at 01:40 #

    Hi guys, I actually started on this path due to Paul stamets talk on ted, YouTube. He mentioned in another of his videos that he took a massive dose of shrooms when young that fixed his stammer. I took that idea, researched and found out its also good for anxiety. I suffer immensely from anxiety and have done for years. I have taken a few trips now and basically just slept throughout the whole thing. Slept or in some awesome trance from which I awoke and I can immediately feel the difference. I am on a journey of recovery and I am convinced that shrooms are helping me. I feel warm in bed again, I can talk to people without fear or shaking, I can focus and do much better with taking in info. My back feels better and I will quit smoking. At the end of the trip I knew my body was saying I was hurting it by smoking. If you feel cautious about taking drugs the doctors give, and you feel u can do without them and your over twenty one yoa, try a trip sensibly, peacefully and in a safe environment. I believe it will help you, I believe in the power of the mushroom. Shroom shalom.

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