Narcotic, stimulating or hallucinogen?

You can classify drugs in three categories. Sedatives, stimulants and psychedelics.

Narcotic or sedative drugs

What’s in a name? Narcotic drugs have a calming effect. They also constrict consciousness. This kind of  drugs is also known as ‘downers’. The most commonly used drug in this category is alcohol. But painkillers like morphine are also narcotics. Two other examples of narcotic drugs are: ketamine and nitrous oxide.

Stimulating drugs

You notice immediately. Typical behaving people on the dance floor. Arms wide open and wearing sunglasses. While it’s dark inside the club.

Stimulants are very often used. Cyclists use amphetamines, bodybuilders use steroids, football hooligans use cocaine. Even your smoking aunty collaborates using nicotine. Stimulants are also called ‘uppers’. Stimulating drugs give you a lot of energy and make you alert.

Psychedelics or hallucinogenic drugs

Also know as entheogenics. Psychedelics are known for their hallucinogenic effects. In Latin hallucinogen means ‘wandering spirit’. The word entheogenic means ‘creating the divine’.  There are many kinds of hallucinogenic drugs. Psycho active substances can originally come from synthetic as well as from natural sources. You can discover new worlds, using hallucinogens. You find new connections between things. The visual part of using psychedelics also makes the experience worth while.

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