Mycelium: a wonder of nature

Who looks up the word mycelium in the encyclopedia will see the following description:
“Mycelium, tissue-like mass consisting of branching hyphae, occurring in such fungi and lichens.”
Now this does not say much. Therefore in this post I’ll elaborate on what mycelium exactly is and what it does for the mushroom.

While we enjoy the magic truffles, the subterranean product of mushrooms, mycelium is an essential part of the mushroom as an organism. The mycelium is year round and it is not static. That is, it can die and grow again. It responds to different environmental conditions and adjusts its shape and structure accordingly.

The whole soil and the earth is full of fungus (mycelium). If you walk through the forest, the soil is often resilient. This is mainly due to the extensive network of mycelium. The status of these fungi in nature is a curious one. It is because it is no animal and no plant. Plants use sunlight to survive. Animals eat plants or other animals. Mycelium is parasitic or symbiotic with other plants.

The exact evolution of mycelium is unclear. More than one billion years ago it would have come into existence as a water organism. According to some mycologists mycelium was the first living organism that went ashore. This is consistent with the assertion that it is purely parasitic.

The role of mycelium is very important according to some mycologists. They could play an important role in solving some problems. For instance they are known as antibiotics. Some fungi might have the characteristic to remover termites from peoples homes. They can also produce fuel and eliminate oil!
What magic mushrooms and magic truffles are concerned, there are stories that these products have contributed to the development of the brain of man and his speech among other things. In their search for food our ancestors encountered fungi and mushrooms with psychedelic effects (magic truffles). The psychedelic experience might have helped the brain in evolution! Want to experience it yourself. You can order these wonders of nature in our webshop.



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