My truffle experience

About 1,5 Months ago I ordered magic hollandia truffles from I was very lucky I came to the site by my friends. They like eating magic mushrooms and came accidentally on TruffleMagic.

After 1 Week the Shipment arrived in my Country. It was discrete packed and shipped out very fast. Btw, sorry for my poor English, I’m not from England:P I opened the letter and took the magic truffles out and weighted them. They were 17 grams! 2 grams more than they said they would be! Í have eaten the half of the package.

Taste and trip
As expected, the taste was not my favorite taste, but its not as horrible as other truffles and when you think about the upcoming experience. About half an hour later I began to feel something from the truffles. I became a bit dizzy, how did other people experience this? It was some kind of good feeling waves in my Body, it was very pleasure. Later on the waves became bigger and the happy feeling was also growing. It was probably 1 hour ago before I had eaten these wonderful magics. I took the rest (7,5g) of the magic truffles and also eat them. After the second dose hit me I became some cev. It was so damn beautiful, I layed down in my bed and enjoyed life to the fullest.

So I layed down in my bed and I slowly opened my eyes. I had also become oev´s. It’s unbelieveble I had took truffles every year twice and I never had
oev (open eyes visuals) till now.

After about 6 hours of effects, the trip became less till then.The day after the experience was wonderful. It felt I was reborn. After my experience I would recommend trufflemagic to everyone.
The Shop has an incredible customer Support, cheap Truffles, stealth packing and the most potent truffles I’ve ever tried.

Thank you for sharing these with us.

I will order more Truffles here for sure

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