My Psilocybe hollandia experience

Was just surfing on the internet finding this great website. Created the order at monday, received it friday.

I received it in an envelope with padding on the inside. Excitedly, I tore it open to see little brown lumps sitting inside. The quality was great, it smelled like a fresh harvest indeed. Plopping them into my mouth, I chewedthem and was greeted by an earthy, nutty taste. They could be cooked, but of course, that is not what I ate them for!

The trip begins

Onset begins. A tingle in my body, a pleasurable chill, waves of mysterious sensation, but also quite inviting. My imagination begins to perceive the sun as a variety of new and exciting entities–a blistering frothy ball of gold, a crystalline Ra figure moving in radial ripples. I smile, feeling this grin permanently slapped on to my face. I laugh, for this world of fantastical shapes, and when I close my eyes there are fleeting neon silhouettes. I go to my room, turn on a playlist, think, and write, in an introspective exercise.

Truffle playlist

First Song: Journey in Satchidananda by Alice Coltrane.
It is beginning. I’m feeling it! I feel the song’s colours, they reverberate in my heart. I feel the languid melt, the ecstatic weave and twine of the sitar, resonating harmonically with my train of thought. So clear! The bass, the SCREECHING saxophone, It Is True Love!! I want these colours in my heart, pumping the blooming blossoming bubbling music into my vessels, I want this forever and always!

(at this point, I dance, lie down, and chat with some friends)

Second Song: Transcendental Etude No. 4, Mazeppa by Franz Liszt.
This one hits me like a train. The thundering exorcism I hear it, from the mind of the performer, to the cortices of the brain, neuroreceptors which influence empathy and passion go haywire, pouring their cognitive impulses
into the execution of the composition, the incredibly complex constructs being rendered as visceral, eternal love…..the nervous system flying on a plane of joy, I hear the heart coming out through the fingertips and ONTO
the piano keys!!! This is a joy if there ever was one. A bliss.

Third Song: La Novia, by Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO

Fourth Song: Goojjari Todi by Ali Akbar Khan

Fifth Song: Interstellar Overdrive by Pink Floyd

Sixth Song: Shadow Lay by Anonymous (1976)

Seventh Song: Love Cry by Four Tet

Eighth Song: What Would I Want? Sky by Animal Collective

Ninth Song: Cocoon by Bjork

Tenth Song: How Deep Is The Ocean by Chet Baker

(because i wanted to truly soak the rest of my playlist in, I chose to
write not to write notes, so these are my reflections afterwards.)

I dive in, from the opening mantra, to the raging sitar, the bass, the scorching drums… it all opens up on me, and in a good sweet epiphany, I feel the conflict and peace, the reason and lack thereof, the theatre and primal urges of the mind, a dream of unity…. all my trains of thought merge together and I sink into my closed eyes…. alluring, shifting, drifting lines and shapes, all colours, a lotus, crysanthemums…. jazz rhythms, diverging and converging frequencies, patterns…. I love. I love. I love. I feel love. The glistening and somber hope and coziness of Bjork, the aching whispering love forgotten of Chet Baker. But now, I have finished soaking in the music, and I must get up and look around, and stimulate all of my senses.

Afterwards, I meet up with some friends, hang out with them, and as usual, enjoy life. The hallucinations are light and pleasantly mild (and, due to the sensory stimulation of the outdoors, are more drowned out than they
were whilst listening to music in a dark room) and die out by sunset. Overall, I loved the experience, it was a great trip! Thanks for the truffles, guys.


Viva hollandia!

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