My magical experience with the psilocybe Hollandia truffles.

My magical experience with the psilocybe Hollandia truffles.

I’ll start with telling about the free portion psilocybe Hollandia. A friend of mine told me I could order free magic truffles online @TruffleMagic. Of course I could’nt refuse the offer, because I’m an experienced psychonaut. I already have several years of experience with mushrooms, truffles and other psychedelics (about 30 experiences).

Discreet and user-friendly

After I placed my order, which went very easy, I received the truffles a view days later in my mailbox. I could deliver the truffles at every address because of the discreetly sent package. The service is perfect. My e-mails were quickly answered by the TruffleMagic team.

The package of truffles was well-sealed. When I opened the package, the truffles were still cold. I didn’t want to use the hollandia truffles directly, so I did put them in the fridge.


Two weeks later we decided to do a trip with some friends. I decided to bring the hollandia truffles with me. But unfortunately we decided to do something else that day. When I came home again, I decided to put the truffles in the fridge again. Later that day a friend came to my house. We discussed about the week, the end of the year and other stuff. Suddenly we came with the idea to take a last-time-year-trip. The truffles were still in the refrigerator, so why shouldn’t we take it?!

Truffle tea

We decided to make truffle tea. First we cut the truffles in small pieces, later we threw boiling water over it. We left the truffles or about 20 minutes and stirred and pounded them. Finally, we sieved everything and decided to drink the tea. The taste was good, no nasty aftertaste that we had before with mushrooms. We decided to sit on the couch and wait for our trip (we took half a portion each).

The start

About 45 minutes later we started to feel the effects of the truffles. I became a bit queasily. Luckily it took no longer than 30 minutes. After we ‘spaced’ in my bedroom we decided to go to the living room. We saw vague waves and the effect of the hollandia was getting bigger. The visuals lagged a bit behind, but after a few minutes we saw colourful waves… everything was given a pastel colors.


The truffles were the most noticeable physically. After a hour and a half we went outside to feel the fresh breeze and fresh air. We would miss the music, but at least we had each other. Once outside, cellphone and wallet left at home, we walked to the city. Walking through the city was very overwhelming. The street looked like a conveyor belt…. In the distance you could see the road move.

About half an hour later my friend didn’t feel very happy, so we went to a park bench and took a sit.

Tripping again

Next we decided to take the bicycle to the park. . But when we wanted to unlock the bike, we realized that we had forgotten the key. We had also forgotten our house keys. Fortunately the restaurant next to my house had a spare key! I explained the situation and the owner of the restaurant laughed. Incidentally, I didn’t say I was under the influence of truffles, haha.

Unforgettable trip

When we came home, I searched for my own keys and returned the spare keys. At that moment we were tripping as hell. We had underestimated the hollandia truffles. Then we walked through the city again and took a route to the park. We saw some really wonderful things.

Two hours later we went home again. Slowly the trip came to an end. Until that moment, we entertained ourselves for approximately four hours. At home we drank some tea again and listened to music.

Around 04.00 we went to bed. It was an unforgettable experience! The truffles score particularly high on euphoria and body/brain high.

The body / brain-high of psilocybe hollandia is difficult to match with other truffles!

Thanks Truffle Magic!

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