My first truffle experience

My first truffle experience was absolutely mindblowing. It is quite a challenge to describe it in words but I shall attempt to, because its effect on me was enlightening and revealing in equal measure. It was so profound that caused me to really shift on a deeper level. Many people view psychedelics as an illicit, irresponsible thing to do. However my experiences show this to be very far from the truth. Of course, if they are taken with “true intentions” and in a reasonable manner I fell that everyone can benefit greatly from their use.

I came across the Truffle magic website on a forum and was very intrigued. I had taken magic mushrooms before but never truffles. I read each description with interest and delight. I admit I was a bit suspicious at first, feeling that they would probably not be very strong but I was eager to try them anyway.

I ordered the psilocybe atlantis truffles. They arrived well with no fuss or delay. They were very good quality, Yellow and very fresh. I remember feeling that the pack was smaller than I expected it to be but I later understood that small packages can pack quite a punch!

I ate them with a banana to help with the taste, although I was surprised to find the taste was not unpleasant when compared to other mushrooms I have taken in the past. I shared a 15g pack with another person. I feel that this is a good dosage whether for a beginner or seasoned “truffler”. Just before I took the truffles I had spoken to my partner about the importance of focusing on love at all times. We had been going through some challenges earlier in the evening and for some reason I felt that it was important to clear the air and set a tone of peace love and forgiveness before embarking on the trip. I was not prepared however for how this small declaration would manifest itself during the trip.

After about 10-15 minutes after ingesting the truffles I began to feel very relaxed and giggly. This alternated with moments of feeling of feeling very relaxed and sleepy (we took them at about 1 am. I would recommend that, depending on your personal routine, they be taken earlier in the evening in order to enjoy the trip more fully). We lay together on opposite sides of the sofa with our eyes closed going deeper and deeper with each moment.

I can’t remember exactly how long it took, maybe it was 45 minutes, but at some point the visuals kicked in for me and they were rather intense. I saw all kinds of pictures in my mind. Many were quite disturbing, apocalyptic and grotesque. Whenever it would get too much I would open my eyes they would vanish. The room remained the same all in all if not a little more alive than usual (I find this happens often when I have taken mushrooms). When I would close my eyes again I could see amazing colours and patterns and all kinds of surrealist visual memes floating around here and there- delightful and intense. Then the ugly images would come back and I began to feel a bit overwhelmed and slightly distressed by them. Then I started focusing on the word love and doing this caused feelings of love to rise up in me and then I would see rainbows which gave in to waterfalls and all the ugly scenes were washed away leaving beauty and lovely images of nature. It was totally mind-blowing and it worked every single time. Anytime an image appeared that I did not like, I focused on the word love and it would vanish for a while.

At this point we moved to bed as it was getting late and eventually drifted into sleep. When I woke in the morning the effects of the truffles had completely worn off but they had affected me in a very deep way. I found it very helpful to spend some time in quiet reflection mulling over all the things I had felt during my trip. I thought about the things I had said to my partner before the trip and how they had manifest themselves in the trip, I thought of the visuals I’d seen and wondered what they meant. Was it part of my psyche purging itself? Was it all just random? I had food for thought for daaaays!

I also couldn’t wait to try more truffles and see what else they had to offer but I wanted time to really absorb all the things I had gained from the psilocybe atlantis. Since then I have tried Truffle Magic’s full range of truffles and have very interesting things to report on them! I absolutely love the truffles and have the utmost respect for them and what they can do. That is not to say that every time you take them will be intense and introspective. No, I’ve also spent hours dancing with my partner in our living room on the Pajarito’s and we had a BLAST!! Danced ourselves very clean indeed! So stay tuned from more blog updates to find out just how far down the mole hole I can go…

Peace and love

Empress Zaluna

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  1. lucytucker1978 27th December 2019 at 23:35 #

    Wow! Had a great night! Very very heavy trip, but never got too much, such a relaxing buzz, well done truffle magic, hats off to you x

  2. Anon 26th March 2017 at 14:18 #

    Hi all, just adding to the list of experiences 🙂 Had my first truffles with a close friend 3 years ago, which was mindblowing! strong visuals (seeing depth in 2d images, chromatic abberation, rainbow shimmer on white surfaces), eye-opening personal and universal revelations while laughing our asses off in the process! fear of the unknown created a knot in my stomach and point of pressure in the center of my forehead tough, and it kept me somewhat “grounded”.

    Now this weekend, I was on a mission and got 30 grams of Hollandia, the strongest –I know using when struggling can be dangerous, but I somehow felt good about it and wasn’t concerned about going alone– In short; I’ll never forget what happened to me yesterday. I’ve always been an extremely sober agnostic/atheist guy, but while staring at the mirror for what ended up being about 45 minutes, something reached out to me.. it started with messages between random youtube videos playing in the background, while shivers and emotions shot trough my body as the visuals, and the “contact” ignited.

    It’s been 24 hours and I’m still in a serene state, mindblown again, walking around painfree for the first time in years, and still not done processing everything. One of the clear messages that stuck was “you will forget this” and I’m fighting not to.

    Hope you enjoyed me sharing this 🙂

    PS: I remember overwhelming shocks of love, compassion, forgiveness, mixed with stern warnings. Also pains in my body there for so long I got used to them started moving, transformed into emotions that came out, and dissolved. Next to the instant perspectives on things I never processed and this strange new feeling I’m still walking around with.. I guess I need some more time to process 😀

    • Peter de Boer 27th March 2017 at 09:40 #

      Awesome story Anon, thanks for sharing!

  3. Indiana joe 1st June 2016 at 13:25 #

    I tried truffles for the 1st time on my stag weekend, just me and 5 of my closest friends, hiking off into nature to trip in the woods. I had never taken them or any other shrooms like drug before, and I had read numerous trippy accounts online. To be honest, i was a little nervous, which in turn made me more nervous at the thought of having a bad 1, because of my nerves. Its pobably something alot of 1st timers have to deal with.

    However, I had a wonderful, mellow, hilarious and highly recommendable experience! I had around 20 grams over the course of the day (considerably more than the reccommended dose of 5-10 grams), and plenty of joints to help ease things along.

    It’s difficult to explain the feeling. It felt just like everything would be ok. Infact it would be great. The world was great. And every living thing in it was on my team. Almost like a morale epiphany, that i needed to start looking at things ‘glass half full’, and ignore all my dry British pessimism.

    I was sprawled out in a field basking in the sunshine, happily watching the clouds float by on their merry way. When a pretty massive spider crawled up my leg (I used to be terrified of spiders) , and I thought to myself ‘that spider means me no harm what so ever’. And all my normal sensible cowardice was overwritten with arachnid comradery. Same with a bee that landed on my chest. I thought ‘ hes cool, if i don’t hurt him he won’t hurt me. We are all friends in this field, just enjoying the sunshine together’

    I also could not help but think if my fiance, and all the lovely things I promised myself I would say to her when I got home. We had been fighting before i left, and i realised it was all nonsense. Stuff that really didnt matter in the grand scheme of things. We were wasting our time fighting when we could be living. i was just full of love haha!

    There was a couple of slightly odd moments as well. Like when all the trees and fields in the distance, and well pretty much everything that wasnt within 10 yards of me, appeared fake. Like cardboard cut outs and paintings had replaced what was actually there. It was not unpleasant though.

    All in all, i would highly reccomend them. I feel like I have a more positive and happier way of looking at things at the moment. It may well be a short lived effect, could be permanent. I don’t know, but it’s something I believe everyone should try at least once.

  4. Lady Paula 28th August 2013 at 16:16 #

    Me and my husband took truffles for the first time ever last week, we are in our 50’s. Neither of us have ever taken any kind of substances before – not because we disaprove, we’ve just been high on life so far, we ride motorbikes so we always got our thrills on them.
    Anyway we wanted a spiritual experience and set up the summerhouse in the garden with trippy music, nice food, incense etc. Took 15gmsof tampanensis each.
    It was an amazing spiritual experience and we both had some really wonderful realisations and so on. My husband had visuals, I didn’t but the experience was great.
    We’re going to do it again with Hollandia which is stronger.
    I wish we had done this years ago, we buzzed the whole week thinking about what a great time we had.

    • Peter 24th September 2013 at 09:11 #

      Thank you for sharing! Always great to hear these stories 🙂

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