My first trip

After having to reschedule over and over again because of the weather or work, finally the time has come! Magic Truffles in the city park! Because this is my first trip (and for Joke and Henry their first time truffles) I order the Psilocybe Pajaritos via According to their description, this truffle will give you a pleasant and happy trip, with mild hallucinations and closed-eyed visuals. That sounds like a nice truffle to start with! I read all the do’s en don’t of tripping in advance, and I think I’m all ready for it.
Beforehand, we bought some nice snacks and drinks, and we chose some fitting music. Also, we took some orange sunglasses along we might have fun with later on.

At home I divide the truffles over 3 servings of 12 grams each and we are ready to cycle to the park. At 10 o’clock Joke and I have arranged with Henry in the city park. When we meet each other there we go looking for a nice place. We ride around a bit in the park and on the edge we find a large field; a beautiful spot between the yellow flowers and trees. The grass around is pretty high so we’re pretty sheltered. We put down a large rug, and spread some pillows arround.

The sky is very beautiful, parts of blue and many clouds blowing apart a beautiful pattern. Fruit, chocolate and pastries are layed out and then we start chilling and chatting to get in the mood. I noticed that I was starting to get a big exited but on the other hand, I was really looking forward to it.

After half an hour we decided to take the truffles. We took half and then we waited a while. Because we ate chocolate truffles with hazelnuts we experienced none of the unpleasant taste or texture. We waited an hour (and we still didn’t notice any negative effects) and then we took the rest. After fifteen minutes I found myself getting more and more visually aware. It feels like I can distinguish different layers of air. I can see flies flying at high altitude and I feel I can estimate the distance between them very well.

When I look at the clouds, it feels like I can see the height and thickness of every individual cloud in the sky. I found this awesome, and kept staring at the clouds for a long time. I noticed I started to see more and more things in the sky. The pattern in the clouds spreads over my vision, and I can see all kinds of wonderful figures that move back and forth in sync with the beat of the music. We talk a while about the things we see and feel. I decide to sit up so I can take a look at the trees around me. Joke is surprised by a number of people passing by in the distance. At the moment I look at the people, the trees behind them that look like living statues seem to dance on the wind. The statues look similar to the ones on Easter Island.

When I try to focus on the statues, they dissapear back to trees. Everything I look at seems to breathe and all patterns move. Because I’ve put the orange sunglasses on the world seems even more different and more colorful than usual. The glasses change the colour to a nice warm tone, so I enjoy wearing them. I start laying on my back and watching the air again. After a while I close my eyes and I’m startled by the  indescribable beauty and details of the closed eye visuals that I get to see. I see incredibly beautiful patterns, built from many different details. I notice I can change the colors by moving my head from direction to direction. If I close my eyes tight, the colours also change. I share this experience with Joke en Henry.

I feel I’m getting deeper into the trip. With my eyes closed I listen to the music. It feels like the music is stretching and shaping my body in a rotating movement. I tell this to Henry, and he thinks it’s hilarious. I close my eyes again and I end up in a playground, the environment in the playground is gray but the objects are red, blue, green and yellow. I find this beautiful! I feel I’m growing taller. My legs are still on the rug but my head seems to be somewhere else. I can barely hear the music.

Unfortunately Joke calls me and I’m back on the rug. I wonder what’s wrong and she offers me a salmon sandwich. Because I’m dissapointed to be away from the playground I only take one bite and I lie on my back again. This time the visuals are very different and again beautiful.


Later I sat upfront again and finished my sandwich with salmon and cream cheese. It tastes great! After the sandwich I decide it’s time for a little walk. I walk to the work of art in the middle of the field. It seems far away and I feel my movement is a bit clumsy. Walking feels great and it takes me a while to get to the artwork. I climb on one of the statue’s pillars and enjoy the view.

Each time I stare at the trees they transform into statues. This is really nice to experience. Even though I’m quite high I close my eyes. I feel myself getting sucking into a tunnel, while my body is smeared on the artwork, it’s feels like I am made of energy particles. I suddenly realise it doesn’t matter who I am and what I am, and what I have experienced, and that myenergy will never cease to exist. Even though ones body dies, the energy is here to stay. This feeling is very overwhelming and peaceful at the same time! How beautiful.

I sit upfront again, and take a look around. When i look around and look up, I see fresh, light colours and when I watch down I see red. I play with this and surprise myself with all the nice colours. Afterwards I get of the artwork, and I walk back to the plaid. Here I tell Joke and Henry what I’ve seen. I get back on my back and watch my arms, suddenly I have to laugh because it looks like the arms I see aren’t mine. With the orange glasses the colours are more intense. Now and then I have to laugh because Henry and Joke change colour from green to blue and purple.

After my experience on the statue I hope for more so I walk back to the statue again. In a way the statue feels like a connection to another dimension. I climb the statue again and enjoy the closed -eye visuals. Suddenly my rest is disturbed by a happily barking dog. It’s a curious English Stafford that wants to come to me. Because of his wide head it looks like he’s laughing the whole time. He’s walking in circles around the statue like crazy, so I decide to give him some attention. The dog appreciates this.

I also talk to his master, and it’s hard to stay focused. Every time I have to think the visuals draw my attention again. After the conversation, I notice Joke and Henry coming my way. They ask me about the converstation. In the meantime they experienced a timecapsule, they are able to manipulate time. We return to our spot and have a chat, while we enjoy the music and the joy and to trip. I still have open and closed eyes visuals, although I feel the intensity decreases.

Out of nowhere Henry and I start to have a pillow fight. The pillows are intense red and yellow, which looks very entertaining in this green environment. Joke also joins the pillow fight and we have a lot of fun. I get one of the bikes from the ground and cycle a little round. This feels pretty nice and with a pillow on my head I cycle another round. Especially for the people in the park it must have been quite entertaining. Afterwards we just chill on the pillows on the ground.

It really sunny and warm outside. The warmth feels like a nice blanket. Joke notices that we can hear the city noise and she thinks there is a war going on. The city feels cold and our spot warm. We lay down again and enjoy the sun.
We want to eat some fruit but are shocked by the look of it. It looks disgusting. Everything looks wilt and dry. Joke says she thinks the transience of objects is much clearer than before. Unless it looks wilt and dry, it still tastes super good. We enjoy the flavor and texture of the tomatoes and sweet strawberries.

We take a walk towards the other side of the park. The sun is shining on a nice green spot which makes a gate appear. It looks beautiful. We walk around and watch the people around us. If we want to leave, a little dog runs around the corner which starts barking at us. The three of us are scared. The little dog runs away real fast and we start laughing out loud.

We return to our little blanket where we just chill for a while. The visuals are almost gone but my body is still feeling the truffles, and it feels good. Joke is walking around and suddenly she disappeared. We look around and see her laying in the grass, a bit higher then our spot. We turn it into a little game by sometimes putting our head above the grass. We have a lot of fun and crawl like little lions. This is really funny and we’re laughing our asses off. A passer-by looks a bit estranged at us.
We decide to get our stuff and return to our houses. On the way back, we make a quick stop at a grocery store. All the emotions from the persons in the store are so present to us. During the evening we watched some documentaries and drank some beer. Joke and I felt asleep feeling satisfied from the whole day. It was a fantastic experience, we never had a scary or anxious feeling. We definitely want to do it again!


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  1. Richard from U.S.A ,Texas 13th August 2013 at 07:22 #

    8/13/2013 *True to your word, I received my truffles with-in (1)week of monies taken out of my account, I added a little extra for the exchange rate and it was done on my end so being a stand up company that you are you added an extra bag(thank you) I have to say I was a little worried about having them sent to my home here in Texas, U.S.A. But no problems, came just as promissed,right to my mail box!!! I put them in the fridge for a couple hours to cool down and I could not wait any longer so I opened one up and they tasted just like you said”nutty” and not bad at all, didn’t bother my stomach at all. With-in 30 minutes I was feeling the most beatiful effects of the finest truffles I have ever had. Y’all are a stand up company with a wonderful product. Looking forward to placing my next ordered very soon. Again thank you for a wonderful experence. I saw the most beatiful visuals. Already looking forward to my next order, thank for being a stand up company with a great product. I can’t wait to come see y’all in The Netherlands. Richard,Texas P.S This almost sounds like it was written by someone in your company, but I can promise you it was not I am here in the good old U.S.A in TEXAS. GREAT COMPANY GRAET PRODUCT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peter 13th August 2013 at 13:58 #

      Glad to hear your experience. Thanks for your comment. We appreciate it! 🙂

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