My Experience with Magic Shrooms

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Ever wondered how it feels like to go on a magic mushroom trip? You’ve read about the effects of psilocybin and you may already be familiar with the usual symptoms. These include visual distortions, hearing echoes, and having an out-of-body experience.

But have you heard stories of people who actually went on a psilocybin-laced trip?

The Birthday Boy (Source:

cake birthday

cake birthday – powered by: flickr

I was in Amsterdam for my 18th birthday and I had 3 mates with me for the week. We did the usual coffee shop thing then got the shrooms. We went back to our campsite and I only got 1 gram of Hawaiian shrooms but that was enough, I tell you.

I boshed them and about an hour later, I got the warm, stone-drunk feeling and was having a good time. Then my mind started proper flipping! Not in a bad way but just weird fudged up sh*t would enter my mind, and the hallucinations were the greatest. I’ll never forget them.

There were mad stuff flowing through the sky, and an image of a fat Buddha on the side of someone’s tent appeared… shrooms are great but only as a treat for me, I think.

I’m lucky. We’re going picking soon for some good ol’ liberty caps.

The Emotional Student (Source:


school – powered by: cornell

I’m a 21-year old university student. I’ve taken mushrooms probably 8-9 times in the last 4 years. I’ve always had the same kind of trip as most people but there is one thing that is always different for me.
When the shrooms really start to kick in, I lose interest in talking to people. I go down a different path and explore my inner self.

It always seems that I am so close to understanding the universe I exist in, and the reason for my existence. This experience was taken to the next level when I took mushrooms in the summer of 2002.

I took 3-4 grams and was tripping out pretty well when my buddies who were also on shrooms decided to go for a drive in the country.

It was fun. I was laughing, having mild visuals. Then we started listening to the band “Tool.” It was insane! The driver of the vehicle put on “Pink Floyd.” The music is a shroom trip. It took me out of my body to places beyond my level of comprehension. By the end of the CD, I was absolutely bawling my eyes out like I haven’t done since I was 6 years old.

I felt like I had been to places and lived an entire lifetime outside of the one I currently lead. I felt as if I had died. But I found definition in the universe, and been reborn again into the life that I was already living for 20 years.

My emotions have gone through the full spectrum from absolute petrified fear to elation to infinite understanding which provided me with overwhelming relief and happiness. I recognized feelings that I had long forgotten.

It’s disappointing that I can only remember the emotions associated with the experience I had. I could go on forever trying to explore what I can remember from so much that happened to me that night. This is the abridged version of my shroom trip.

The Rain Men (Source:

New York

New York – powered by: tumblr

A buddy of mine called TJ had gotten some – this was 30 years ago. We were hanging out in this old baseball field, three of us had taken ‘em and I thought it wasn’t working.

It was one of those real humid, heavy New York summers. I’d taken maybe a couple of grams, ate ‘em down, and washed it back. Then there’s a rumble of thunder and, man, the skies just opened! We were all screaming and running for cover and I don’t know if it was the shock of the rain but I realized it was happening. I was tripping. Hard.

It was beautiful.

I remember looking at the rain through the streetlights and seeing these intricate, three-dimensional patterns that you could almost reach out and touch. They were very geometric and huge – you could get lost in them – but everything seemed very precise.

I looked over at TJ and he was sitting there in the rain and the mud, holding out his hand catching raindrops and looking at them, with a big grin on his face.

I’d never thought of the city as beautiful before but it looked so beautiful that night. Just alive with colors and all kinds of prettiness. I wish it always looked like that.

The Late Bloomer (Source:


party – powered by: petechambers

I did mushrooms for the first time on the 4th of July at a party in the country. A large number of gay men, lesbians, and the like hang out all day, eating, drinking, smoking, flirting, swimming in the pond, walking in the woods, and generally acting as if time stopped 20 years ago. A surprising number of people in their forties and fifties take ecstasy like in the old days.

I do not do ecstasy because I take antidepressants that blunt the effect of X but a friend had some mushrooms and asked me to do them with her. I took myself completely by surprise when I did a small amount. I had not taken serious hallucinogens since 1979.

My high was mild but I felt great. Inside my skull it was warm, quiet, still – the usual anxiety and noise were gone. I felt detached from needs and desires. I watched people sitting close around a big fire or dancing chaotically and had the impression that I could decide whether or not to “feel” anything – sexual attraction or sentimental attachment or simply nothing at all.

It was as if I had control over my attention and could choose any of a million ways to occupy it.

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