Martial Arts and Magic Mushrooms: An ancient history

One of the speakers in psychedelic conferences we often see come up, is Kilindi Iyi. He often stresses the importance of taking magic mushrooms for self-exploration.

He is also the head instructor of the Tamerrian Martial Art Institute. Iyi dedicated his life to Martial Arts, including all history behind it. He travelled the world to learn from other practitioners, and this is how he learned about the major part Magic Mushrooms play in the founding of many schools of martial arts.

Heroic martial arts potions

Jet Li, from The Sorcerer and the White Snake

“In the higher realm, creatures can come out of your hand” Jet Li, from The Sorcerer and the White Snake

While most researchers tell us everything about the Mushroom- and Ayahuasca use in South America. However, evidence shows that West Africa has ancient traditions with plants and Magic Mushrooms that are much older. The traditional Martial Arts in Afica had a lot of potions to go with them, with ingredients that included many plants and mushrooms. Some hallucinogenic, and some not.

Iyi was obsessed with using these potions. He tried to learn what was lost, or as he calls it: “martial arts at the level of the heroes of old”.

According to Iyi, Martial Arts means a lot more than what the conventional wisdom tells us. He explains that in many Asian movies we see folks running on blades of grass. If you look at Hero or Jet Li, they fought at a higher level of consciousness and their battle continued into the hyper-dimensional realms. People used to fight like that. “In the higher realm you can jump on top of a roof, and creatures can come out of your hand”, Iyi explains.

A valid area of exploration

Kilindi has come a long way as a teacher. Some of his students thought of him as an addict or a crazy drug-guy, but since his YouTube-videos, and his invites at conferences, people are starting to listen.

I’m trying to help the greater community and the martial arts community and the entheogenic community and have them look at what they’re doing and what they’re trying to box these drugs into.

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Sources: Alternet
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