Magic Mushroom Standard Grow Kit Growing Instructions

Here are the instructions for growing the classic standard Magic Mushroom Growkit.

Standard Grow Kit

STEP 1: Watering

1.1 – Wash your hands thoroughly at all times before you are working with these kits, to avoid contamination.
1.2 – Break of the tab you’ll find on the side of the lid.
1.3 – Carefully lift up the lid, and take it off.
1.4 – Take a clean fork and make some holes in the substrate equally. 6 times should be enough. The holes will make sure the substrate absorbs the water better.
1.5 – Gently fill the growkit with luke water (not warm, and not too cold).
1.6 – Make sure the substrate is completely under water.
1.7 – Close the lid and keep it like this for the next 12 hours. This gives the substrate enough time to absorb as much water as possible.

STEP 2: Draining excess water

2.1 – After the twelve hours (and not later than 24 hours), open one corner of the lid and pour out the excess water.
2.2 – Remove the lid, but keep it!
2.3 – Important: Make sure all excess water is out to prevent contamination!

NOTE: If you had bought the 100% Mycelium kits, you would have skipped most of the above!

STEP 3: Getting your kit ready

3.1 – Place the growkit inside the plastic bag.
3.2 – Close the bag by folding the top twice, fasten it with two paperclips.
3.3 – Place the bag with the kit inside in a warm, light spot.
– No direct sunlight!
– Ideal temperature: 20 – 25 °C
– Don’t place on a heat source, like a radiator or a dryer.


Mushrooms are 90% water. So while they’re fruiting, they need some additional water. Spray the inside of the bag a couple of times every day. Don’t spray on the growing substance/mushrooms directly!


Work hygienic at all times! Do not breathe or cough inside the bag, always wash your hands before you start working on your cultivation! You may have touched mold, it’s in the air, it’s everywhere and you don’t want to contaminate your precious!


STEP 4: Wait and grow

Now it’s a matter of waiting.

Week 1: Don’t expect a lot happening at all (visibly).
Week 2-3: Depending on your environment and the colonization time of your strain, the first mushrooms will show their caps within these weeks.
That week: Usually when you see the caps, at the end of that week you will find the ideal time of harvesting.

Ideal harvesting time: Harvest your shrooms when the veil on the edges of the cap start breaking a bit, this means the caps are about to open. Check all your shrooms continuously. If this happens to one or more of them, harvest! Don’t hesitate if you’re not sure. If it’s a bit too early, your shrooms are still fine anyway.
If you see the lamella, and they turned black (covered in spores), you’re a bit too late. This is a matter of learning and trying. if you’re late, you can probably still eat them and you learned something on the way. 😉 However, your next flush may fail. Read more here.


STEP 5: Harvest

5.1 –  Wash your hands thoroughly.
5.2 –  Grab a shroom between your fingers at the base, and softly twist it out.
5.3 –  Get them all out, except if there are some mushrooms formed in the substrate at the sides of the box. If they aren’t to big, leave them because if you go digging in the substrate, you may contaminate the kit. Do however pick the tiny shrooms that haven’t fully matured. Pick everything you can.

Avoid touching the mycelium (white matter)!


REPEAT – Get ready for your next flush!

Continue by going back to step 1, filling it with water and putting the lid back on.

You should get at least 3 harvest like this, but keep trying. Some people manage up to six flushes! This is what biology class should have been, wouldn’t you agree?