Magic truffles successfully replace mushrooms.

Since the ban on magic mushrooms in early 2008, the magic truffle gets more and more popular. Unlike mushrooms, possession and use of magic truffles perfectly legal. The active ingredient in magic truffles is the same as in mushrooms.

Because truffles grow underground they are not formally mushrooms and thus are not prohibited. According to the Association of Drug Advisory magic truffles are also a much lighter force than magic mushrooms.
The fact that magic truffles have a milder effect than magic mushrooms does not mean that you shouldn’t prepare well for the use of magic truffles. Don’t take truffles if you are not feeling well or if you are a environment that doesn’t feel well. Many problems with tripping tourists are caused by this. The tourist is in a foreign country, in a strange city, and usually in busy streets. All those impulses from outside can strengthen the sense of panic. If you want to enjoy magic truffles care free you must provide a familiar and peaceful surrounding.

For the enthusiasts, the legal nature of the magic truffles an absolute outcome. The announced ban on magic mushsrooms was controversial because there are no studies that prove it’s aq hazard for one’s health. For many mushroom enthusiasts, the ban is difficult to accept. Thanks to the magic truffle they don’t have to miss out on a relaxing trip.

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