Magic truffles salad

It’s often said, you should eat magic truffles on an empty stomach. Everyone is right about that. The effect of magic truffles is much better when you take them on an empty stomach. It looks strange we give truffle recipes, because you have to eat truffles on an empty stomach, but it isn’t. This magic truffle recipe keeps your stomach ’empty’ because of the light ingredients that are used. How do you make magic truffle salad?

Magic truffle salad

Preparation time: 10-20 minutes
Taste: Normal
Type of dish: Salad

Ingredients(4 persons)
150 grams of mixed salad
25 grams of magic truffles(psilocybe hollandia, tampanensis, atlantis or mexicana, depends on your experience with truffles)
25 grams of pine seeds
150 grams of feta

1 tea spoon mustard
1 spoon raspberry vinegar
3 spoons of (hazel)nutoil
Salt and pepper

Wash and dry the salad. Cut the salad in pieces. Cut the magic truffles in small pieces. Add the pine seeds into an frying pan and brown them. Cut the feta into pieces of 1 a 2 cm.

Method of preparation
Mix the ingredients in a salad bowl. Ad the salad and mix it together. Put the salad on four dishes, and add the pieces of feta. Put everything about 30 seconds underneath the a grill. Last but not least, add the truffles and enjoy!!

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