Magic truffles or culinary truffles?

The difference between magic truffles and culinary truffles:

Culinary truffles

When most people think of magic truffles, they think of the culinary delicacy on the menu in a lot of restaurants. The culinary truffle is an expensive good. It grows underground, at the roots of different trees. To get an idea of how expensive a culinary truffle can be: In 2007 a white truffle was sold for $ 330,000!

Magic truffles

The magic truffle is an affordable truffle. The magic truffle grows on the roots of the mushrooms that have the active ingredient psilocybin. That’s a big difference between both truffles. Someone who eats a dish where the culinary truffle is processed in, won’t suddenly perceive the world around them differently.

Different truffles

There are different types of culinary truffles available. For example you have the white -, black -, summer – and winter truffle. Magic truffles have other names compared to the culinary ones. Types of magic truffles: the Psilocybe hollandia , the Psilocybe atlantisthe Philosopher’s stone(also called the Psilocybe tampanensis), the Psilocybe pajaritos and the Psilocybe mexicana. Magic truffles have the active compound that makes magic truffles so special. The different types vary in strength and thus the experience of the user.

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