Hallucinogens have a long history

The history of hallucinogens is many centuries old. The earliest images of hallucinogenic mushrooms can be found in the Sahara desert. It is estimated that these images are around 8000 years of age. The idea that the use of hallucinogens must have been a source of inspiration for the pictures is not new. Research on these images showed that mushrooms are frequently depicted. Although mushrooms and truffles are different, they have the same active substance: psilocybin.

The images show how the mushrooms were harvested and consumed. There are also picture of masked gods covered with mushrooms. Everything points to an ancient cult of hallucinogenic mushrooms. The drawings in the Sahara show that the use goes back to the Paleolithic era. This shows that the use of the active ingredient of magic truffles is already centuries old.

Also indigenous peoples from South America have known about the mind-altering effects of psilocybin for many hundreds of years . These people used it because they belieive it brings them into contact with the afterlife.

In Europe, the hallucinogens have also been used for a long time. As a religious sacrament mushrooms were used in various rituals. Since 1994 the Netherlands had magic mushrooms for sale at Smart Shops. In 2008, sales of mushrooms have been restricted by the Dutch government. The magic truffles, however, are perfectly legal and are now used recreationally, as well as spiritual or for medicinal purposes.

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