Magic truffles experiences

Today, three different magic truffle experiences from users from the whole world. The three reviews are about the psilocybe hollandia, psilocybe mexicana and the psilocybe tampanensis, also know as the Philosoper’s stone.

Review 1:
I was very happy with the hollandia truffles. They arrived quickly and in discreet packaging, and were in very good condition. I was forced to store them for 2 weeks at room temperature and they did not lose freshness at all indicating they were very fresh when they arrived. I shared them with two other people (5g each) and still experienced the familiar sensations although there were no visuals or ego-deaths with such a small dose. Next time I will try more for sure.  Thanks a lot for the promotion – next time we buy we will get them from your shop.

Review 2:
This was the first time for me, using magic truffles. I read on the internet it’s a good plan to take the mexicana first. My friends took the hollandia and philosopher’s stone, because they are more experienced. The truffles were delivered within 4 working days! Really loved it! We used the truffles in the weekend at my house. When we took the truffles it took between 30 and 60 minutes before everyone felt something. We were laughing very hard, haha. We did also see a lot of colourfull new things. One of us made a picture of ants, walking over the table. The ants were purple, lol. I didn’t see purple ants, but i did see a lot of colorfull things.

When we saw the taken picture back, there were no ants. LOL. I would really use truffles again. My next step will be the psilocybe hollandia or the Philosopher’s stone. Waiting for the summer or a warm day!

Review 3:
Well I must say these are great truffles, I split a pack between me and a friend, I didn’t expect it to work as we had so little each but sure enough 30mins later the first effects where felt, pretty nice come up, no sick feeling really energetic, once fully under we felt feelings of  extreme happiness and bliss, altered state of mind  but not many visuals likely due to the low dosage, I still got some mild visuals when looking at certain patterned material. Over all the experience was really enjoyable, I’ll be hittin a full pack to myself next time. Before I tried these new hollandia truffles I would always have went for the Psilocybe tampanesis variety but I think I just found my new favourite strain.

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