Magic Truffles as a party drug: do or don’t?

Some drugs are known to be very popular in the nightlife. When people are going out or at parties they’re often used for an even more intense experience. The most famous party drugs are surely ecstasy, amphetamines, and cocaine. These are illegal drugs, the possession and use is prohibited.

 Are the magic truffles actually a good party drugs? The answer is no. The effects of the magic truffle is such that an often hectic and noisy environments such as a nightclub is unpleasant.
In order to enjoy magic truffles it is important that you are in balance with your environment. The increased perception of colour and sound can be entertaining in a nightclub but the visual aspect is definitely not

Magic truffles are known for the ‘visuals’  you can get. These are perceptions that are inconsistent with reality. In a nightlife environment, these effects can cause a very scary feeling, called a bad trip.
For this reason, the use of magic truffles in the nightlife is not popular and we don’t recommended it. If you want to take magic truffles is wise to stay indoors, surrounded with people you trust.

2 Responses to “Magic Truffles as a party drug: do or don’t?”

  1. Sam Gee-spot 29th October 2014 at 15:57 #

    I actually disagree, although being inside with friends on truffles is an unimaginably pleasant feeling, going clubbing on them is equally exciting.
    I have been clubbing 3 times after eating between 6 and 8 grams of the pandora truffles, always with a group of friends who have also eaten them. The feeling is amazing, when outside at night in a busy town, you feel even closer to your friends, you can look at each other and know exactly what everyone is thinking or why someones laughing. Whilst inside a club, the lights are amazing and even music you wouldn’t normally listen to can have you dancing round like crazy.
    I can completely understand that this could turn into a scary experience especially if alone… people who haven’t eaten truffles (even if you know them well) appear very different. They can appear more aggressive or just generally crazy. People who have consumed drugs or are clearly drunk seem twice as exaggerated as they would if truffles had not been eaten. But everyone who has consumed the truffles can see the club and people in it the same as you can. It’s this feeling of clear mindedness and togetherness that makes going clubbing with friends who have all had truffles (for me) an amazing experience.
    I would however never eat more than 10g and go clubbing, nor would i consume a lot of alcohol before you start your trip.
    Stay together, stay safe and have an awesome adventure!

    • Peter de Boer 29th October 2014 at 16:22 #

      Thank you for your awesome reply. I agree with you. We’ve had some lovely experiences on festivals last summer with the Trufflemagic team. But it’s important to be experienced with the effects, and not overwhelmed by them. It’s best to know your club beforehand as well as the mates you are with. It’s also good to have an idea where to go when you need some personal space. Tripping can be social, but very personal too. You never know what to expect, so preparation is everything! 😉

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