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Magic Shrooms vs. Weed

Weed and magic shrooms share some similarities. First, they’re both used for recreation to produce a sense of “high.” Both weed and magic mushrooms grow in nature and their effects are produced by naturally-occurring substances. However, their similarities end there and they have a wide array of differences from the ways they are consumed to the ways they affect the body.

The main psychoactive part of weed (AKA marijuana or cannabis) is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This compound is responsible for cannabis’ effects on the body. Almost half of Americans has used cannabis. It’s the most commonly used illegal drug both in the world and in the United States.

Magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms contain the psychedelic compounds psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. Magic shrooms have been used since prehistoric times and many cultures use these mushrooms for various religious rites and ceremonies.

Ways to Consume Weed and Magic Mushrooms

The most common way to consume marijuana is by rolling buds of the plant into rolling papers or cigar papers and then smoking them. A quicker and easier way to smoke marijuana is to put them in pipes. These pipes are portable, lightweight, and keep the smoking process simple.

Bongs also gained popularity and this method became an icon of marijuana paraphernalia. Bongs come in all shapes and sizes. Aside from being efficient in delivering great doses of THC, some bongs are art pieces.

Marijuana can also be consumed as dabs, also known as Butane Hash Oil (BHO) or wax. These are extremely potent hash oil extracts that you smoke with a rig, almost similar to a bong, but with the use of a blowtorch.

Bubblers are small bongs, about the size of a pipe. These are perfect for marijuana users who want to use something portable but still want to keep a smooth smoking experience. Vaporizers are also available for marijuana users. These small devices heat up marijuana to the point where the psychoactive ingredients become active but it doesn’t create any smoke. People see it as a way of taking cannabis that’s better for your lungs.

Interestingly, they can also be taken in capsule or pill form. They can also be turned into “edibles,” or baked into brownies.

Taking magic mushrooms is more straight up that marijuana. While marijuana requires accessories to smoke it, you can just chew magic mushrooms whether they’re fresh or dried. However those who have trouble getting past the starchy taste of a magic shroom cap can also mix them in with food or turn them into tea.

Effects of Weed and Magic Mushrooms

Inexperienced users always ask if there’s a difference between the effects of weed and magic mushrooms. Interestingly, there are some minor similarities but the best general description is: you take marijuana if you want to relax but you take magic mushrooms when you want to go on a journey.

Effects of Marijuana

Although both THC and psilocybin are psychoactive compounds, the ways they affect the body and the highs they produce can be different.

Marijuana can produce a feeling of euphoria or high depending on its quantity and quality. When you inhale marijuana smoke into the lungs, it doesn’t take long for THC to enter the bloodstream and get transported to the brain and the rest of the organs.

THC triggers the brain to release large amounts of dopamine, a “feel good” chemical released by the body that stimulates the pleasure center. This is what gives users a pleasant “high.” THC affects the brain in such a way that the way you process information is changed causing your judgment to be impaired. It’s also difficult to form new memories when high on THC.

Other changes in mood also take place with relaxation being the most commonly reported. Some users experience heightened sensory perception, colors appear more vivid and noises become louder. Marijuana can also lead to altered sense of time and increase appetite, commonly known as the “munchies.”

There will also be changes in parts of the brain that control balance, coordination, and the reflex response. Because of these effects, it’s not safe to drive. In large doses, marijuana or high concentrations of THC cause hallucinations or delusions. Marijuana can also cause anxiety in some people.

People who come down from a cannabis high feel tired or depressed. While marijuana users tend to mellow out, for some it can heighten agitation, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability.

Unlike alcohol and nicotine, only a very small percentage (9%) of marijuana users develop an addiction to weed.

People’s reaction to marijuana vary from person to person, how often they take the drug, the bud’s potency, and how long it has been since they’ve gotten high.

Effects of Magic Mushrooms

Like other types of hallucinogenic drugs, psilocybin can create psychedelic and euphoric effects. These include visual distortions, and a distorted sense of time for the user.

The hallucinations that accompany magic mushrooms are more intense than the ones caused by cannabis. Colors become more saturated, walls seem to breathe, geographic patterns appear even when the eyes are closed, lights flicker, and in large doses, some people report seeing divine beings.

The warping of one’s sense of time is more pronounced. While a shroom trip lasts anywhere between 3 to 8 hours, the drug alters the brain’s sensation so much that a user feels the experience lasted much longer.

It’s also interesting that psilocybin from shrooms can bring about feelings of relaxation similar to low doses of marijuana. Magic mushrooms also lead to increased heart rate, and blood pressure.

However, the effect that sets psilocybin apart from marijuana is that way it temporarily rewires or rearranges the brain to produce these effects. While marijuana increases the production of the pleasure-causing chemicals and the stimulation of the pleasure center, psilocybin changes the way information highways are connected in the brain.

For example, information pathways between the ears and the part of the brain that processes sounds cross over with the pathways that process sight. This causes psilocybin users to experience a melding of the senses, scientifically known as synesthesia. This is when people remark “hearing colors” and “seeing sounds.”

Another effect from shrooms that isn’t always present in marijuana is intensified emotions. It’s this effect which causes an expansion of one’s consciousness, and self-awareness. This is followed by a strong feelings of “oneness” with the world, the universe and fellow human beings. For these reasons, magic mushrooms contribute to the transformative spiritual encounters that aren’t present among marijuana users.

Setting it a notch above marijuana, there is no evidence that point to magic mushrooms as addictive.

Health Benefits of Marijuana and Shrooms

While they’re used for recreation, modern studies have explored the health benefits of consuming marijuana and magic mushrooms.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

From the 1800s to 1930s, cannabis rained popularity for its recreational use. As its reputation grew, so did the rumors surrounding its medical benefits. You’ll be surprised to learn what modern research have revealed regarding the benefits of marijuana.

It helps manage glaucoma. Marijuana helps decrease pressure inside the eye, a crucial treatment for people who are in danger of losing their eyesight.

It helps improve lung health. In a 2012 study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, marijuana does not impair lung function and it even increases lung capacity.

It controls epileptic seizures. Marijuana can prevent epileptic seizures, as shown by a 2003 study. Marijuana extract was given to epileptic rates and it rid the rats of seizures for about 10 hours.

It decreases anxiety. Marijuana users claim it helps relieve pain, nausea, and anxiety. These effects improve the smoker’s mood.

It can delay certain forms of cancer from spreading. Marijuana can turn off a certain gene linked to the development of cancer.

It keeps your weight in check. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine suggested marijuana users are skinnier and have a healthier metabolism. Their bodies also have a healthier response to sugar.

It spurs creativity. Marijuana has some positive mental effects particularly in terms of increasing creativity. Even though people’s short-term memories malfunction when high on marijuana, people get better at coming up with new ideas.

Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms seem to be the next best thing in holistic healing and wellness. Recently, they’ve received recognition for their tremendous psychological and emotional healing effects.

Magic mushrooms reduce anxiety. Researchers discovered that psilocybin from magic mushrooms decreases anxiety and depression in patients suffering from terminal cancer.

Magic mushrooms increase spirituality. Test subjects claim the psychedelic experience they went through while on magic mushrooms for the first time is the most significant spiritual experience of their lives.

Magic mushrooms connect the brains in new ways. They wire different parts of the brain together to facilitate smoother communications between its various parts.

Based on the results of these studies, marijuana’s health benefits lean towards physical health while magic mushrooms are more beneficial for people’s mental health.

How Long Does Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms Stay in the Body?

And of course, both THC from marijuana and psilocybin from magic mushrooms can still stay detectable in your body even after the effects have long worn off.

Urine Test for Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms

During urine tests, THC from marijuana stays detectable in urine for around 8 days but it can stay up to 77 days for heavy users. Meanwhile, the detection time for psilocybin in urine is 24 hours but can be as much as 48 hours in chronic magic mushroom users.

Hair Test for Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms

There is a debate on the accuracy of hair testing. Although not a very common method, a hair test for can detect the presence of THC up to 90 days. Hair test for psilocybin will yield positive results up to four weeks after ingesting magic mushrooms.

Blood Test for Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms

Blood testing for cannabis is not common but THC do not stay in the blood for very long. For infrequent users, THC can stay detectable in the blood for 24-72 hours. Regular users need to wait longer because it may take 1 week before THC clears from their systems.

As for psilocybin, it remains detectable between 3-5 hours after the effects of the magic mushrooms dissipate. However, blood testing is commonly used for scientific research only.

With these data above, it’s safe to conclude that THC from marijuana stays detectable in the body longer than psilocybin from magic mushrooms.

In the end, discussions about choosing between magic shrooms and weed will boil down to individual preferences. Do you prefer to mellow out or go on a psychedelic journey? Can you afford a drug to stay longer in your system or do you need to flush it out faster?

If you’re a marijuana user, why not try and order magic mushrooms online to test them out and experience the difference for yourself. Online magic truffle shops can easily ship these psychedelic goodies right to your doorstep!

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    I’ve always enjoyed weed. It helps me with Tourette’s and tends to make my day better. It also helps me exercise, believe it or not. Shrooms on the other hand, which I’ve done a couple of times made me feel more anxious and slightly depressed. Unfortunately, I had to stop using marijuana because my work is going to be drug testing us. Beer is nice, but I prefer weed any day. You don’t feel nearly as crappy after using weed the night before.

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    Okay I want to try the magic Truffles mushrooms cause now that weed has become legal in my state the weed has been really weak my son calls it WHACK

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    cannabis and shrooms are sensational in they’re own way. Why not have them both.

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    My voice goes for weed 😉

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