Magic Mushrooms and Sex

Psychedelic drugs expand the mind. This is common knowledge among people who have experienced the sensory changes brought by psychoactive drugs such as psilocybin found in magic mushrooms. The effects of magic shrooms last up to 12 hours but according to an American ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, the effects of magic mushrooms on the sexual experience and human evolution are longer lasting and can be credited for the way society is the way it is today.

McKenna authored the Stoned Ape theory of human evolution. This theory centers around how psilocybin mushrooms are responsible for lighting the fire of human intelligence and society. The Stoned Ape Theory has three stages.

First, 40 to 50 thousand years ago, African hominids such as the Homo erectus were forced to leave their canopy-dwelling lifestyle as the African continent was turning into a desert. These early humans were forced to look for new food sources. They followed herds of wild cattle in whose dung they found insects that became part of their diet. These cattle dung also provided the ideal environment for the growth of psilocybin mushrooms.

As they started eating these magic mushrooms in low doses, the early humans improved their vision and became better hunters and had better survival chances than those who did not consume the shrooms.

The second stage of the Stoned Ape Theory refers to how psilocybin mushrooms impacted the brain 10 to 20 thousand years ago when primitive humans discovered the aphrodisiac qualities of ingesting magic mushrooms. McKenna claims that at higher doses, magic mushrooms increased male potency and this led to group sexual activities.

These orgies are credited for genetic diversification which made early humans more resistant to diseases. And because of these orgiastic experiences, males are unable to trace the paternity of the children so the offspring are raised as a community, hence creating the first societies.

The third and final stage of how psychedelics changed the human race posits that when doses are doubled, psilocybin affects the language-forming region of the brain, causing vocalizations that became raw material for the evolution of language.

Although scientists challenge this theory, it’s worth noting that there has been growing evidence about the lives of early humans that provide evidence to McKenna’s work.

In particular, anthropologists found magic mushrooms spores on the teeth of a woman who lived nearly 19,000 years ago. In 2015, Spanish anthropologist Professor Guerra-Doce published a paper outlining the use of hallucinogenic plants by early humans. Additionally, Neolithic and Bronze cave paintings that resembled psilocybin mushrooms were discovered in the Italian Alps and in Villar del Humo in Cuenca, Spain.

Magic Mushrooms as Aphrodisiacs

Going by the second stage of the Stoned Ape Theory, it’s important to explore the idea of magic mushrooms as sexual stimulants.

In low doses not exceeding 1.5g, magic mushrooms open the doors to new sensation while maintaining clear thought patterns for the magic mushrooms user. These effects include seeing more vivid colors, peripheral hallucinations, and cool hands. Even the skin will experience heightened sensations.

As the skin becomes more sensitive to different sensations, it’s more vulnerable to pleasurable sensations. Although magic mushrooms themselves don’t increase libido, they make one more susceptible to sex by making skin contact more pleasurable.

Do Magic Mushrooms Improve Sexual Experience?

Magic mushrooms can take the sexual experience to greater heights. Imagine having all the knowledge from your sexual encounters but having every sexual act feel like a new experience.

Tripping with another person of your preferred gender truly is amazing. The way light dances on their skin multiplies the desire to worship the creature in front of you. Shrooms will make you appreciate their beauty more under the veil of a poetic mood that feels like the climax of a long journey.

Because of the effects of shrooms on the skin, one becomes more susceptible to touch with every square inch of the body becoming an erotic hot bed.

However, it doesn’t end there. With the right amount of visual alteration, the human body may appear more sensual. These visual delights that accompany sex can help make it even more pleasurable.  Psilocybin also acts by altering the sense of taste and how the tongue experiences different textures. Hence, acts like kissing, fellatio, cunnilingus, and other sexual acts that involve the use of the mouth feel like they’re being done for the first time.

Magic mushrooms go beyond the physical level too.

On an emotional level, some users find magic mushrooms bonding and intimate. It’s a great way to share such an intense and personal experience with a lover. People can also get insights into their relationships as magic mushrooms can deepen understanding of relationships in a remarkable way that even ex can’t. Coming off mushrooms is also the ideal time to cuddle, share openness and vulnerabilities.

Finally, orgasms come late when under the influence of shrooms. Concentration is key to having psychedelic sex because the mind tends to drift to other things. But when the orgasm does come, it’s significantly more intense and enjoyable.

How to Take Magic Mushrooms for Sex

When using magic mushrooms to enhance the sexual experience, it’s important to start with a low dose, preferable around 0.5g of dried psilocybin mushrooms. If it doesn’t do anything for you, you can simply add more.

Even when you’re engaged in a sexual act, set and setting are also just as important as when tripping alone. The surroundings need to be comfortable so bathroom sex may not be an option. Keep in mind that your body may not be as athletic because of the way magic mushrooms affect vision and balance.

The right mindset is also key to getting a greater experience. This can be easily achieved by having sex with someone who has a deep emotional attachment with you.

It’s imperative to avoid random sexual encounters. One psychonaut recounted a sexual experience that soon turned ugly because of the lack of an emotional link with the sexual partner.

“I slept with this one counselor at a camp I volunteered at for kids and tripped on shrooms and partway into it I felt like I was starting to hate her. She just kept getting uglier and uglier. And I felt dirty like I was in a brothel or something, getting my hookup with a 10-cent callgirl. With my wife however, I never had that problem.”

Now that you know how magic mushrooms can affect sex, you can try it out for yourself! Buy magic truffles online and see how you can improve your own sexual experiences.

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    I really enjoyed your writing it was very intense and Even brought up a lot of past experience with psychotropics and how amazing and life changing they were. The majority of my experience were as an adolescent and my early to mid twenties But your short article has me very intrigued and wanting to explore and experiment in my relationship. I believe it would open up a very therapeutic level of emotions and connections Between us physically, emotionally, and mentally and would eliminate any barriers of misunderstanding and would become the beginning of an amazing and much grateful relationship.

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