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Magic Mushrooms 101

Important tips for people using magic mushrooms for the first time.

Tripping on magic mushrooms is an amazing experience. A good trip can give you feelings of enlightenment and euphoria. But you can also be caught unaware and you can be pulled into a bad trip. This would give you a distorted and terrifying view of the magic mushroom world.

It’s been said that “set and setting” are responsible for whichever kind of trip you end up with. You can also be influenced by dosage, type of magic mushrooms and the way your brain works.

People who are new to using magic mushrooms need to learn the basics before tripping. Eventually, even a beginner will learn the different ways on how to take magic mushrooms and get an amazing magic mushroom trip.

How do magic mushrooms feel?

A magic mushroom trip, or a psilocybin trip, is comparable to an acid trip with a less intense edge. The active compound in magic mushrooms is called psilocybin and affects the body’s nervous system.

Psilocybin can produce a wide range of psychedelic and euphoric effects when taken correctly. They can induce a feeling of intense happiness, create interesting visual hallucinations, and distort your sense of time.

Those who are under the influence of magic mushrooms may also show erratic or irrational behavior such as outbursts and panic attacks.

How do you ensure a good trip with magic mushrooms?

Magic shrooms, particularly psilocybin, are a form of drugs. Different people have different reactions to drugs. Before going on your very first psychedelic journey, it’s important to start small. See what feels good for you and assess how much you can take next time.

With that in mind, decide how intense you want your first trip to be. Are you more adventurous and do you want to awaken the subconscious part of your brain right away? Or do you just want to relax and swim in some colorful visuals and interesting shapes?

Once you’ve decided how intense you want your trip to be, you need to create a favorable environment or “setting.” Avoid public places. Do it in a private setting such as your own home. You can even walk outside if you wish to see nature under a different light.

This should also include one’s mindset or “set.” This refers to the mental state such as thoughts, mood, and expectations. Magic shrooms should not be taken during an anxious time of your life such as an exam or a job interview. You also have to avoid tripping with someone who makes you uncomfortable.

Mixing feelings of anxiety with psilocybin can turn into a chaotic bad trip. Be calm, enjoy the shroom, and have an open mind. Once you peak, remember that you will be ok.

You can also ensure your safety by having a trip sitter. A trip sitter, also known as a co-pilot, is a companion who remains sober throughout the entire trip. He or she should have familiarity with the effects of the drug and aid you through your magic mushroom experience. Trip sitters have been known to save tripper from police trouble or worse, physical harm.

What is the right dose of magic mushrooms?

After putting yourself in the right “set and setting,” and having a trusted trip sitter beside you, consider how much magic mushrooms you want to take.

The following doses are based on dried Psilocybe cubensis specie of magic mushrooms.

A threshold dose is around 0.25g and doesn’t create a dramatic effect. There will be changes in sensation. You’ll feel cold and see vivid colors.

A light dose is between 0.26-1g and produces stronger effects. Colors become more vivid and saturated, gaining a “clearness” to them. This is followed by an intense feeling of happiness called euphoria. It’s exhibited by giggling or laughing at literally nothing.

There will also be changes in how you hear sounds. You will hear echoes and even hallucinate noises. If you can eat, your taste buds become more sensitive and flavors can even change while you eat.

A medium dose would be between 1.1-2.5g. These cause more intense visual distortions. Even if you close your eyes, you’ll see intense geometric patterns which slide and rotate to form complex shapes. When your eyes are open, you’ll see patterns on walls, floors and ceilings which continue to morph.

Trippers report full-blown visuals that lead to dream-like images. It’s likely for you to experience changes in thought patterns that lead to feeling “enlightened.” Some emotions will feel magnified and dynamic.

These are followed by changes in perception. Most people describe this having a sense of freedom. Some people receive a burst of creativity because of thoughts that flow without effort. Sometimes thoughts split into two separate sequences that occur simultaneously and merge again.

At the medium dose, physical effects start to show. The least extreme is nausea for beginners and trippers with sensitive stomachs. You can also expect your pupils to dilate, and blood pressure and heart rate will rise.

At higher doses, starting from 2.6g upwards, trippers claim magic mushrooms take “eye-opening” to a whole new level. In some cases, people claim talking to divine beings or intelligent creatures from other dimensions.

How much time does it take to feel the effects of magic mushrooms?

The length of time you need to start getting high on magic mushrooms depends mostly on your body’s ability to digest and metabolize psilocybin.

Most people start “coming up” 10-60 minutes after taking magic mushrooms. You will notice psilocybin’s effects starting to grow and you will succumb to them.

Around 60-80 minutes, you will experience being at the “peak.” This is the highest point you’ll reach. You will steady at the peak for 2-6 hours, a period called “plateau.” Afterwards, the effects of the magic shrooms will wear off and you will “come down.”

Are Magic Mushrooms Dangerous?

The harmful dose of psilocybin is several thousands of times larger than the normal amount taken to trip. This dangerous dose is equivalent to consuming a kilogram and a half of magic mushrooms.

There aren’t any well-documented cases where overdosing on magic mushrooms led to death. An overdose on magic mushrooms is exhibited by getting sick, vomiting, and a lingering “haze” which can last for a few days.
There are myths saying taking too much over an extended period of time will cause you to go on a permanent trip or have schizophrenia. These are all false.

However, people with a family history of mental disorders, especially schizophrenia, severe bipolar disorder, have encountered chronic problems associated with psilocybin. Healthcare professionals believe magic mushrooms can worsen existing mental illness and stir “dormant” conditions. It’s best to consult with a doctor first if you really are worried about the possible mental effects of magic shrooms.

For most people though, shrooms are one of the safest psychedelics available. It’s the ideal choice for beginners who want to experience psychedelics.

Where do I get magic mushrooms?

You should buy psilocybin mushrooms from a responsible and trusted seller. Get your hands on high quality magic mushrooms today!

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  1. Wayne 26th February 2018 at 17:16 #

    Question, will a good shroom turn black-purple on the top cap also?

  2. Lexi 5th February 2018 at 22:09 #

    Thank you for putting together such well written quality information! I am a newbie, and I find the more I am able to learn about all of the incredible health benefits, “good trips” tips, and various information regarding dosage… the more prepared & excited I am becoming! Have you already written anything about micro-dosing or more regular type dosages with regards to treating fatigue & pain? I’ve heard a few things about this, but I don’t have anything solid to read about this. I would love to learn more! And I am about to place my first order!!! Hoping for a happy, loving, & spiritual type journey to enlighten my perspective on this grand life journey.

    Again, thank you for sharing & informing those of us that are new to shrooms. ??☮️

  3. Ofra Peters 20th December 2017 at 23:52 #

    Thank you for all this good information,
    Much appreciated !
    By the way , I am disabled , I have m.s
    And I found that taking a tiny amount from cap and stemp gives me energy and a slight sense of additional clearity , this is very good , since one of the symptoms of m.s is fatigue , I just don’t know how o.k it is to take it , how often , cause if it was up to me , I rather chew on shrooms than take pharmasotical .
    Oh , also , it does magic for my digestive system that I have problems with .
    Thank you again for the support and knowledge ,
    Sincerely ,

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