Interpretation of parliamentary answers on questions about psychedelic truffles

(Translation of the original Dutch article)

After having read all documents thoroughly, we interpret the response of the Minister Schippers (Health) on behalf of MinisterOpstelten (V & J) to questions from the parliamentarian Bouwmeester (Labour) on psychedelic truffles as follows:

1. The Minister has deliberately not included the truffle on the Opium Act because of the scientific evidence that the active substance is milder than in hallucinogenic mushrooms.
2. That a ban on truffles just would encourage the use of synthetic drugs. See our neighboring countries.

3. It is impossible to ban all hallucinogenic or psychedelic drugs, it is better to provide good information about the effects, risks and the use of it.
4. There is no proven harm to human health and therefore no reason for the truffles to be on the opium list. These are legal products under the regime of the Commodities Act.

In short: Magic Truffles are perfectly legal and not harmful to health.

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