Payment information

How to pay for your order?

Bank payment

IBAN payments are easier and cheaper than ever before in Europe click for more info!

Alpha Growers LTD.
Bankaccount: 6785497
IBAN: NL95INGB0006785497

Address: Postbus 1000, Leidschendam
Postal code: 2260 BA
Country: The Netherlands

ING Bank N.V.
Bijlmerdreef 109
1102 BW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

When making a wire transfer via your own bank, we require all international transfers to us to be made with the OUR instruction (not BEN or SHA) which means you pay for the bank fees. The only exception is EU-payments in EUR which may be made with SHA instruction. for more info click here.

Include your order number, and nothing else!

Western Union / Earthport customers: Western Union; email us the payment Tracking Number (MTCN) you’ll receive. Otherwise we can’t link the payment to your order.

Pay less!
If you transfer money via companies that offer cheap international bank transfers, the service fee will be lower than if you transfer money via your own bank.  You do not need an account, and we can ship your truffles as soon as we’re notified of your payment. Much faster and easier!

Take a look at these companies:

– Globalwebpay (see below)
– XE Trade
– 1st Contact
– UK Forex
– Transferwise, Transfergo, Azimo, World First, HIFX have blocked us (They stated we fall under a “restricted business category”, and will reject every payment). Do not use this service.
– RIA and Xoom won’t work either.

(Recipient details: You may use 0031857849555 as phone, use the Alpha Growers address you find above, email:[email protected])



GlobalWebPay allows UK customers to pay overseas with their Credit Card or bank account, without paying their bank’s huge fees.


  1. Place your order at and select “International Bank Transfer” as a payment method. Save your order number, as well as your total order-amount.
  2. Go to:
  3. Choose “Send money to”: Netherlands
  4. Amount to send: [Enter your amount]
  5. Press “Calculate”
  6. Press “Get started”
  7. Complete the process
  8. Account name: Alpha Growers LTD
  9. Bankname: ING Bank
  10. Bank location: Amsterdam
  11. Account Number: 6785497
  12. Recipient reference: [Enter your order number]
  13. Recipient email address:[email protected]
  14. IBAN: NL95INGB0006785497

– If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us: [email protected]

GlobalWebPay transactions are usually processed by Worldpay. To be able to match your order, please email us any transaction ID’s you receive after or during your transfer.




Bitcoin is the future of money. You can pay quickly, cheap and anonymous.

Just like normal money, bitcoins are kept in wallet. Wallets are free, get yours at

Next you need to put some Bitcoins in your wallet. Open an account at and buy your bitcoins. You can pay by bank or credit card.

The process in 4 steps:

  1. Open a free wallet at
  2. Buy Bitcoins at
  3. Place your order at truffle Magic
  4. Pay for your order with bitcoins from your Blockchain wallet.

For more info on how to open a Wallet and get started using Bitcoin, click here!



Cash Payment

Please send the payment (in Euro’s, US dollars* or Pound sterling*) along with your full name and ordernumber in a registered envelope to:

Alpha Growers (Box C99)
Postbus 1000
2260 BA Leidschendam
The Netherlands

– Find a sturdy envelope and a postcard (Happy Birthday for example)
– Write down your order number only. No other information can be written down
– Place EURO, GBP, USD or AUS bills in the postcard, and hide the bills in aluminum foil (use for conversion to euro)
– Put some stamps on the envelope
– Close the envelope with tape, so that it is difficult, or even impossible for a third person to open and close it without being noticed!

– It takes about 1 to 5 business days for the cash to arrive here

We will ship your order within 1 business day after receiving your payment. You will be notified by email. Afraid of losing your money? Post is pretty secure, but you can choose to send your payment by registered mail. In general 99% of unregistered mail arrives just fine.


Credit Card

Please note: Only use a credit card if you absolutely have to. Most credit card transactions will fail, because of security measures set by the banking systems.

We strongly encourage people to choose a different payment method and only use credit card as a last resort if all other methods aren’t an option for you.

We accept cards starting with a 3,4 or 5.

What can you do to make your card payment succeed?

  • Call your credit card issuer to authorize an incoming charge from abroad
  • Do not use a tool to browse anonymous, like a VPN. This triggers the banks fraud filters.
  • Enter a correct phone number where you can be reached
  • Use the same billing address for your order as your credit card is registered to
  • and last…make sure your card has sufficient funds!

Your order will be shipped shortly once your card has been charged.


iDeal (Netherlands only) MrCash / BanContact (Belgium)

iDEAL is an Internet payment method in the Netherlands and the preferred method for Dutch customers. It requires a Dutch bank account.
MrCash / BanContact is for Belgium customers

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