I “tripped balls”

I received my order around 4 days after it was placed and was pleased by the delivery time. However I would also like to add that, although my truffle’s were perfectly fine upon arrival, I was told by a  friend of mine that the ones he ordered had began to go off by the time he received them, turning a dark, blackish colour with a few blue bits (although this could have just been how that type is supposed to look). I would therefore suggest that greater measures be taken to ensure the packaging was air tight.

The truffles I received were a light brown colour, and had a bitter taste. I have a small amount past experience with magic mushrooms and was impressed by the trip they induced, which was quite strong considering I shared my pack with a friend. We found them to be extremely stimulating in terms of audio and visual perceptions, and we spent the majority of the trip listening to music and enjoying the visual hallucinations that accompanied it.  It also brought on a feeling of calm euphoria and general contentedness, and lasted a few hours. We found it amusing that once we thought the effects had worn off we would be thrown back into the trip when we looked at the psychedelic  poster of Jimi Hendrix on our wall.


Overall I was extremely satisfied with the product (I “tripped balls”) and the quality of your service.

Happy Tripping!

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