I started seeing changing colours and felt completely relaxed

My experience with Psilocybe Hollandia:

The shipment went smooth and the package was in great state. At first, the idea was to make tea of it, because my friend assured me that the taste of chewing it would be unbearable. We drank the tea, but then I decided to eat the remains anyway. I find the taste and structure similar to that of walnuts, not that bad. We watched a movie and after about half an hour I started seeing changing colours and felt completely relaxed. Not much later the walls and furniture began to move up and down. I had already experienced similar effects using magic mushrooms. It was amazing. After a couple of hours the effects wore off and I felt a bit exhausted, but in a good way, of so much visual experience. This time I used only half a portion. I was completely in control. Next time I plan to use all of it. My friend however, who only drank the tea, didn’t really feel and experiece what I did, but he enjoyed himself anyway.

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