“I decided to crash onto my bed, my eyes closed, and put on some nice music”

I heard about the hollandia truffles from a friend, and decided to give it a try. I received my truffles in about a week’s time, in a sealed plastic bag into a discreet envelope. I have had a couple of experiences with psychedelics, though nothing as intense as these truffles. The overall feeling was not unlike what i get from other stuff, though it was obviously a lot more intense and interesting. I started feeling dizzy about 20 minutes after eating the whole bag, so I decided to crash onto my bed, my eyes closed, and put on some nice music. The first minutes felt very nauseous, and I was afraid i might be sick, but the nasty feeling got away quite soon. The visuals were very intense, and I felt some sort of “distortion” in the way i perceived reality.

The hallucinations were really intense, almost overwhelming: at first I had to assume a sort-of fetal position, because lying supine really felt too intense. Eventually, and with some effort, I managed to get into that position, and that’s where the real fun started: my perception of gravity and the position of my body was disaligned, and I felt like I was fluctuating on a gigantic whirl. The music I was listening to felt much deeper and intense, and the visuals were influenced by it.

Soon I lost track of my body, aside from some random signals it sent to my mind, which appeared in between the mass of sensations, colours and sounds. Sometimes I opened my eyes, and saw most of the hallucinatory visuals taking place in the real world. For istance, during the first part of the trip I saw some sort of words moving around. When I opened my eyes, I saw them glowing all over the room, sort of “printed” on most surfaces – the ceiling, my pillow, the furniture…

After the CD ended, I started to hear a distant ringing, which grew progressively stronger as it became more and more multilayered and powerful, to the point where it was almost deafening. I really enjoyed it (though I don’t know how many people would like something like this, as I enjoy listening to rather peculiar music which would be really unpleasant to lots of people), despite its overwhelming intensity. Eventually it faded in the background, as I regained consciousness of my body.

The most intense part lasted around 2-3 hours, and the rest was mostly subtle visuals. Overall it was a really intense, interesting and enjoyable experience. I really recommend it.

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