How to Pick Shrooms

How to Pick Shrooms

From a tub of unassuming mycelia into a tub of thriving magic mushrooms, a magic mushroom grow kit from Truffle Magic can do wonders! These innovations are known for making the painstaking magic mushroom cultivation process into an extremely easy endeavor.

The best part is you can harvest in as little as ten days!

How do magic mushrooms kits work?

How do magic mushrooms kits work

How do magic mushrooms kits work | Image powered by trufflemagic

Truffle Magic’s magic mushroom kits, also known as mycelium kits, are completely colonized by magic mushroom substrate. These have been designed to produce the best yields possible with very little effort. As long as you follow the instructions on how to use the mycelium kits, you will get great results.

In a few short days, you will be enjoying the best magic mushrooms you have grown in the shortest amount of time!

When working with Truffle Magic’s mycelium kit, remember to keep the space as sterile as possible. Wash your hands or wear sterile gloves.

The first step is to take out the grow kit, plastic bag, and paper clip from the box. Simply remove the lid and rinse it under running water.

Place the grow kit inside the plastic bag without its lid. Use a plant sprayer to mist the inside of the bag every couple of days but don’t spray directly on the kit itself. Close the bag using a paperclip after each spray. Air circulation wouldn’t be a problem because each bag contains built-in filters.

If you want to use a heat mat, place the kit on top of it for the first two days only!

Set the grow kit aside and place it in an area of your house which receives enough indirect sunlight and is also cool enough to maintain temperatures of 18 to 28 degrees C. Never let the temperatures to drop lower than 15 degrees C.

When the first mushrooms start to appear, stop giving water. Just keep the plastic bag open 24/7 to allow moisture to evaporate. The goal at this phase is to get rid of excess moisture. Too much moisture is not good.

Expect the first mushrooms to become visible after approximately seven days.

When to harvest magic mushrooms from mycelium kits?

When to harvest magic mushrooms from mycelium kits

When to harvest magic mushrooms from mycelium kits | Image powered by blogspot

It can be tricky to determine exactly when the harvest time for grow kits will be. In an ideal world, all magic mushrooms from a single kit would be of the same size and can be harvested all at once!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in the real world.

When magic mushrooms from a Truffle Magic grow kit are ready to harvest, expect to see other varieties of mushrooms of varying sizes and ages which might still need to grow a bit more and couldn’t be picked off all at once.

One of the most common mistakes people make is removing large mushrooms first thinking the medium and small-sized ones can keep on growing. This practice risks grow kit contamination.

The best time to harvest magic mushrooms grown using a mycelium kit is the same as the ideal time to harvest magic mushrooms grown through the traditional method – when the fungi’s hats have not fully opened and they still have a nice, round head.

Expect a magic mushroom to open within a few days of reaching its maximum size. The round cap will separate from the step and acquire the trade mark mushroom shape.

Watch out for the spores. The magic mushrooms should be harvested before the spores are released at full force! These spores are released from the bottom of the cap. For this reason, a fully opened magic mushroom is already beyond its ideal harvest date.

How to harvest magic mushrooms from mycelium kit

During the harvest period, expect the substrate in which the mushrooms are growing to be prone to bacterial contamination. Once the substrate in the mycelium kits become contaminated, the magic mushrooms become infected and useless.

To prevent this disaster from happening, use a sterile technique and keep the work space safe and hygienic. Start with washing your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and wear new sterile gloves. Remove the grow kit from the plastic bag and select which magic mushrooms are “ripe” for the harvest. Don’t forget to check the side of the container because magic mushrooms can grow there too.

After you have selected which magic mushrooms to pick, grab the first shroom using two fingers near the base of the stem. Twist the stem a bit and gently pull upwards away from the substrate. You would know if you have done this process properly if you heard a soft “thud” and there’s a small depression on the mycelium where the shroom used to be.

Repeat this process on the other shrooms. Try to avoid damaging the substrate as much as possible and to keep the entire process sterile.

It’s also important to avoid breathing into the kit. Your breath contains handfuls of bacteria which can contaminate the kit. After you remove all the viable mushrooms out of the container, keep the grow kits, and set them aside.

Truffle Magic’s grow kits are capable of producing several harvests or flushes. After the first harvest, soak the kit with clean tap water. This method is known as “cold shock” and will revive the mycelium with moisture and encourage new growth.

Replace the lid of the magic mushroom kit and let it sit for half a day. Once time is up, open one of the lid corners and drain excess water. From this point, you can repeat the entire process several times for multiple magic mushroom flushes!

Buy mycelium grow kits online

Buy mycelium grow kits online

Buy mycelium grow kits online | Image powered by trufflemagic

You can buy mycelium grow kits online. You can also purchase magic truffle grow kits which produce magic truffles in as little as three days. Whichever type of grow kit you choose, Truffle Magic’s grow kits are guaranteed to take you on a psychedelic adventure!

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