How to Grow Magic Mushrooms in Three Months?

The internet is filled with thousands of forums where you can mine firsthand knowledge from psychonauts and growers. This article is a summary of a magic mushroom forum filled with entries on how to grow almost a pound of magic mushrooms in as little as three months!

How to grow magic mushrooms in a short time?

PF-Tek is not the only way to cultivate magic mushrooms anymore. This unnamed method you’re about to read will guide you on the steps on how to properly grow a large amount of shrooms easily and in a short amount of time.

Keep reading to learn more about growing lots of magic mushrooms at home!

How to Make a Still Air Box or Glove Box for Shrooms?

Every capable mycologist knows the Still Air Box or Glove Box is their best friend. When you’ve been growing shrooms for a long time, you learn to curse and hate every form of Trichoderma and contaminants in existence.

The atmosphere is filled with millions of particles which can pollute your jars and negatively affect your shrooms. A Glove Box works under the principle of taking moving air out of the equation will create an area that is free from impurities.

Making a Glove Box is easy.


gloves | Image powered by hipforums

  1. Find a transparent Rubbermaid storage box.
  2. Cut a hole at the top and cover with saran wrap.
  3. Cut two holes in the sides. Make sure these holes are big enough for your hands to fit.
  4. Spray in inside with Lysol or a solution of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water.

The final product should look like the setup above. It’s pretty ghetto but it gets the job done.

How to make lids for magic mushroom jars?

To construct lids especially for mason jars used for magic mushroom cultivation, you will need the following:

  • Mason jar lids
  • ¼-inch and 3/8-inch drill bits
  • Drill
  • High temperature silicon gasket
  • Tyvek paper from USPS envelopes

Just follow these simple steps to make your magic mushroom jar lids:

  1. Cut a 0.25-inch hole between the middle of the jar and its lip.
  2. Drill a 3/8-inch hole across from it.
  3. Take the silicon gasket and use it to glue a quarter-sized piece of Tyvek paper over the 3/8-inch hole.
  4. Use the silicon gasket to fill in the 1/4 –inch hole with silicone globs on both side. In the end, the lids should look like these:


    lids | Image powered by hipforums

Before this article goes any further, you need to have a source of inoculation. This method can use two different methods of inoculation. No matter which method you choose, you’re going to need a spore print or a syringe.

How to make a spore syringe?

In order to make a spore syringe, you will need to place the following items inside your Grow Box:

  • Magic mushroom spore print
  • Shot glass with a rim wide enough to clean it out well with water and bleach
  • Scalpel
  • Lighter
  • Syringe filled with clean, sterile water

Procedure for making spore syringe:

  1. Boil water. Once boiling, suck water into the syringe and expel into the sink. Repeat up to 6 times and leave the final load of water to cool inside the syringe. You now have sterile water in a syringe.
  2. Place all the equipment in the Grow Box.
  3. Sterilize your scalpel using flame from the lighter until it’s glowing red hot.
  4. Sterilize the shot glass with an alcohol wipe.
  5. Scrape the spores into the shot glass using the scalpel.
  6. Heat the tip of the needle and expel water from the syringe into the shot glass which should be filled with spores at this point.
  7. Stir the mixture using the tip of the needle.
  8. Suck the resulting mixture once again using the syringe.

You now have a homemade spore syringe. Allow the liquid to sit for 24 hours to rehydrate the spores.

How to make Liquid Culture for magic mushrooms?

Using Liquid Culture (LC) is a great way to prepare lots of inoculates with the added benefit of having growth within 24 hours.

The following items are needed to make a liquid culture for magic mushrooms:

  • 500mL of water
  • 10 grams of Turbinado sugar also known as Sugar in the Raw (SITR). This comes in packets of 5g from your local coffee shop.
  • Mason jars with lids prepared as above
  • Piece of glass or marble


  1. Pour the solution into the mason jars. You can divide 500mL into 2 mason jars.
  2. Add a piece of glass or marble. This serves to help break apart the mycelium growing inside the Liquid Culture.
  3. Pressure cook the Liquid Culture for 20 minutes at 15 PSI.
  4. Inoculate each Mason jar with 1mL of spore solution from the spore syringe.
  5. Let this grow until nice and thick with white mycelium.

Preparing cakes for shrooms

If you haven’t grown magic mushrooms before, use cakes. Grain is more advanced. In order to do this tek, you will need 20-30 fully colonized cakes to use as spawn. However, you will need the following:

  • Vermiculite
  • Brown Rice Flour
  • 250mL mason jars with wide mouths
  • Water

    Preparing cakes for shrooms

    Preparing cakes for shrooms| Image powered by hipforums

How to make cakes for magic mushrooms:

  1. Mix water and vermiculite well.


    mix | Image powered by hipforums

  2. Take 1 cup of Brown Rice Flour and add it into the mix.

    Mix water and vermiculite

    Mix water and vermiculite | Image powered by hipforums

  1. Fill the jars but leave about half an inch distance from the top.


    jars | Image powered by hipforums

  1. Wipe the band free of any moisture or vermiculite and Brown Rice Flour mix. Any amount left on the brim is a possible way of contamination.

    Wipe the band

    Wipe the band | Image powered by hipforums

  1. Pierce 4 holes close to the band of the lead. Make sure they’re equally paced from each other and are ¼ of an inch in diameter.
  1. Cover the jars with aluminum foil. Take a large pot. Place the jars inside the pot but elevate them on another surface so that they’re not directly resting on the bottom of the pot.
  1. Fill the pot until it’s ¾ full of water.
  1. Get the water to a boil. Put a lid on it and set the heat to medium. Keep the jars in this setup for 90 minutes.
  1. Afterwards, let the jars cool down.
  1. Remove the foil from the lids. Put the needle of the spore syringe into each of the holes.

In less than 10 days, you will see growth. It may take up to 45 days for the cakes to be fully colonized if they’re left in ambient light and at room temperature.

How to prepare a tub for growing magic mushrooms?

For the final phase of growing magic mushrooms in three months, you will need the following items:

  • Magic mushroom spawn – use 5 to 10 jars you have produced earlier
  • Lights – magic mushrooms don’t need a lot of light so just use a 6500k light off to the side of the tub
  • Rubbermaid container – a clear 50 to 75-liter Rubbermaid tote will do
  • Polyfill or pillow stuffing
  • Tape
  • Trash bag
  • 650g of dry coir
  • 2 liters of vermiculite
  • 20-liter bucket
  • ½ cup of gypsum

Preparing the tub:

  1. Cut six 5cm holes into the Rubbermaid tub. Two of the holes should be on each of the long sides of the tub and each short side should have one hole.
  2. Take the trash bag, open it up and line the inside of the container with it. Tape the bag about 12cm up the side of the tub. The completed monotub should look like this:


    12cm | Image powered by hipforums

Preparing the final substrate:

  1. Put 4 liters of water on the stove and boil.
  2. Break up 650g of coco coir into small pieces.
  3. Place the coco coir and 2 liters of vermiculite and ½ cup of gypsum into the bucket.
  4. Pour 4 liters of boiling water into the bucket and stir well. Cover with a lid and let it sit up to a 6 hours.
  5. Tape up the holes of the tub with packing tape.
  6. Take the cooled coir/vermiculite mix and dump it into the tub. Make sure you have about 4 cups left for later use.
  7. The more spawn you use, the faster your tub will be colonized. If you’re using cakes, dump 15 to 30 cakes into the tub.
  8. Use the remaining cups of coir/vermiculite mix to cover up the exposed cakes.
  9. Leave the tub at room temperature and give ambient light only. After several days, mycelium should pop up through the surface. In 2 weeks, the tub should be fully colonized.
  10. After the tub is fully colonized, leave it alone for 5 more days until pins develop.
  11. Remove the tape from the holes and place polyfill into the tub.
  12. Spray the whole tub until it’s glistening with water but make sure there aren’t any pools of water.
  13. Within a week, you should see the shrooms.

    see the shrooms

    see the shrooms | Image powered by hipforums

It only took 10 weeks from inoculation to produce a 0.75 pound magic mushroom harvest. This is the product of two flushes. Afterwards, any further flushes are not as potent anymore.

This forum poster isn’t special. Anyone can get similar results within the desired amount of time as long as you follow the methods stated above.

Are you ready to harvest lots of shrooms in a short amount of time?


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