How to consume magic truffles

We have received the question of how to best consume the magic truffles more than once. Broadly there are two different ways of consuming magic truffles: you can eat them and you can make tea. If you put the magic truffles in tea you’ll the taste the flavour of the truffle less. For some people this is nice because they do not adore the taste of magic truffles.

If you decide to eat the truffles then you can’t come around the flavour. For an optimal effect, you have to chew well. Chewing causes the active ingredient in magic truffle to be released. If the truffle chruched in your mouth you should swallow it.

Some people wonder if it is possible to make certain dishes with magic truffles to mask the flavour. It is possible, but for optimal effect is not a very smart thing to do. The effect of magic truffles is best on an empty stomach. The mix of magic truffle with food makes counters the effect.

For most people the flavour of the truffle is no problem. The effect is the most important, and that for most people the most important ..

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