GHB considered as hard drugs by Dutch government

Dutch MP of the Health department Schipper has decided that GHB is officially a hard drug in the Netherlands. GHB is short for gamma hydroxybutyrate and is known as a hypnotic. GHB is used as a drug mostly in a liquid form. GHB got in the picture as a party drug a few years  ago. At first, GHB was freely available in so called smartshops. This is no longer the case for several years now.

GHB made the headlines many times in the past few years. The drug is very difficult to dose and users easily take too much of. The result is that people lose consciousness, and that results in life threatening situations. The drug is also highly addictive. Many clinics were faced with an influx of people who were unable to function without the drug. All these things made the Dutch government decide to ban the substance.

How can GHB become so popular in such a short time? GHB is very easy for everyone to produce. It’s also a very cheap drug. This contributes to the quick rise in popularity also. Now the drug is officially labelled a hard drug, the penalties for possession, use and trade are increased. With only half a gram of GHB you can face up to four years in prison. GHB trading has a maximum penalty of 8 years.

If the qualification of GHB as a hard drug will cause the use of GHB to drop remains to be seen. Because the ingredients are freely available it’s very difficult to enforce the law. The ban of GHB is a political decision and let’s hope it has the desirable effect. The right alternative for this drug (and others as well) are our Magic Truffels. Legal and safe to use.

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