“Fun, fun, fun ‘til your daddy takes your truffles away…”

Greetings trufflers! I was listening to the beach boys today trying to create a summer mood during what is a rather grey day here in Zaluna land and some lyrics got me thinking. We know that Truffle magic have excellent service. They deliver swiftly in plain packaging and the post man will never know what he is putting through your letter box! Your flat mates will have no idea either, heck even you won’t and may do as I did one day and pick up your post while rushing out to work, open it on the train and break into a sweat thinking the entire carriage will know what you are holding in your hands! Well, they won’t. The truffles are vacuum packed and have absolutely no odor. They are small and discreet.

Having said this, if one is a minor and living at home exercise caution. If you are not blessed with open minded parents (who may try to steal them for themselves!) you may wish to not risk it. I think that, when given a pack of truffles in their hands most people will have no idea what they are, but your parents may have some clue and they may not be happy about it. Smoke might come out of their ears. Or worse they may storm into your room, whilst you are deep in trip mode, asking why you haven’t done the dishes yet. You might find your response funnier than they will.

Be courageous but most of all be responsible

Peace and love

Empress Zaluna

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