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My order says “Payment Processing”

We confirm orders manually Monday to Thursday, so it’s normal for your status to not change over a weekend.

Please don’t be alarmed and always check the tickets in your account for confirmation of receiving payment and shipping.

All of our correspondence is done through our ticketing system so if you don’t find any confirmation of shipping, let us know!

Paying by sending cash

When ordering and selecting payment method cash you will receive an email with all the required details.

Please send the payment along with your full name and ordernumber in a registered envelope.

  • Find a sturdy envelope and a card (Happy Birthday for example)
  • Write down your order number in the card
  • Place only paper money (EUR) in the card
  • Seal the envelope carefully, so that it is difficult or even impossible for a third person to open and close it without being noticed!

Mail is forwarded to us from our PO Box which can take around 2 weeks to arrive, depending on your location. We will confirm with you, through our ticketing system, once we receive your envelope and ship your order within 1 business day. Afraid of losing your money? Post is pretty secure, but you can choose to send your payment by registered mail, please note that the PO box company will sign for it and forwards the mail twice a week. So it can take a couple of days after your mail was signed for, for us to send you the confirmation message.

Ok I’ve heard enough, let’s start our journey!

Paying with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is our preferred method of payment as it is private and borderless. We have a secured BTC option during checkout with automatic processing. All you need is a wallet and Bitcoins you can set it up in 5 minutes and buy bitcoins with a credit card, Paypal, bank and other methods. Please use this guide for more information.


Do not send payments to old wallet addresses or email addresses or BTC accounts!

The BTC checkout has a timeout, it is not possible to pay later, so you would need to make a new order and pay that if it has expired. Please do not make a screenshot of the QR code to pay later. The address shown is a temporary one generated by the plugin, after the timeout, it is not valid and your bitcoins might be gone.


If you have not received a payment confirmation from Trufflemagic within 24 hours (Monday – Thursday): Contact customer support and ask us to verify your payment.

Ok I’ve heard enough, let’s start our journey!

I’ve not received a payment confirmation

We send confirmation of payment and shipping through our ticketing system (Monday – Thursday), please check the ‘tickets’ in your account to see if you’ve received one. You can see when your order was shipped and how long delivery should take.

If you haven’t, let us know with the following information so we can investigate as we’d hate for you to be out of pocket!

Digital payments

  • Payment method or service used (Bitcoin, Western Union, direct bank transfer, etc)
  • Was the name on the account used to make the payment the same that we have?
  • The IBAN payment was made to
  • The exact date of transfer and the amount
  • The order number used in the reference/description
  • If you paid by Bitcoin, the wallet address used to send payment

If you can also provide a screenshot with all of the above information, that would be super helpful too!

Cash payments

Mail is forwarded to us from our PO Box which can take around 3 weeks to arrive, depending on your location. Let us know if you haven’t received confirmation from us after this time and we’ll go from there!

Feel free to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for in the FAQ or if you have a different request.
We aim to answer your question within 24 hours on weekdays.


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