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Growkit Storage and Shelf Life

Magic Truffle Growkits

Growkits stay fresh for at least 3 months at room temperature in a dark place. The sclerotia continues to grow a little during that time. After harvesting, you can keep your truffles in the fridge for about 5 days.

Mushroom Growkits

Magic mushroom kits stay fresh for at least 1 month in a cool dark place.

After harvesting, you can keep your mushrooms in the fridge for about 5 days, or let them slowly, naturally air dry and keep them for up to a year.

For both kits its important to avoid extreme temperatures (heat will destroy psilocybin), and excess moisture (other fungi are stronger and can take over).

How to use the grow kits

All of Trufflemagic’s growkits have simple, easy-to-follow instructions. Follow these and cultivate your own magic mushrooms or magic truffles like a pro!

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My mushroom growkit lost some spores, what now?

If your mushrooms and the mycelium are covered with a black/purple powder, your shrooms have sprouted spores. In this case, your harvest was a little too late.

This happens to the best of us, but what now?

Are my magic mushrooms still edible?

Yes, you may still eat them. They may have lost a little potency, but usually not that much.

Is my kit still okay? Can I go for another flush?

Your growkit is contaminated with spores. The spores and mycelium work against each other. The spores will look for a place to germinate. In nature, this can take up to a year. The mycelium in the box is disabled by the spores and won’t produce any more shrooms. You can only get another flush on the spots that are free of spores.

Where to buy

Of course the best place to buy magic truffles online is here at Trufflemagic.

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Is my grow kit contaminated?

Contamination is caused by impurity in the air or on your hands. It can happen when you touch your grow kit with your bare hands, but also by the air. Fungi are all around you, always. In the air, on the ground, everywhere. To reduce the chance of contamination, you should wash your hands and keep the environment of your room clean.

Identifying contamination isn’t hard. Normally, the mycelium of your kit is white. Any other colour can be contamination. If your kit smells bad, it is surely contaminated.

However, there are exceptions:

Blue/Green: The mycelium on your kit has been bruised. This is not contamination, and your kit will grow without any issues.

Lightyellow: Older kits can get a yellow glow. They are not contaminated but just stored for too long or not under the correct circumstances. You should start growing this kit right away because keeping the kit longer will cause lower yields.


A contaminated Magic Mushroom growkit.
Locally discolored into pink. Smelly too!

A bruised Magic Truffle growkit. There is nothing wrong with this kit.

A bruised Magic Truffle growkit. There is nothing wrong with this kit.


Any other colours like pitch-black and pink or orange should be considered contaminated. Contamination is something to avoid, but it can happen to the best of mycologists. If you’re unlucky and something bad is in the air, it could happen.

If you have multiple kits growing, and one is contaminated, then remove that kit at once! Others can get infected easily.

Sometimes there is green mold on kits, that’s Trichoderma, and is a common contaminant.  It is found in soil and all over the world naturally.  It can cause complications with substrates and casings but is relatively harmless to humans.  I would harvest what’s there, and toss that entire container.

Clean your room up well.

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