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Do you offer tracked or express shipping?

We offer tracked shipping, just select it by going to your shopping card BEFORE checkout.

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Where To Buy In-Person

Of course, the best place to buy magic truffles online is here at Trufflemagic.com

But if you ever happen to be in the neighborhood be sure to visit our friends:

Elements of Nature


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Company Information

Contact us for our company details.

You can reach our support desk here we are available Monday to Friday!

Please visit the FAQ page for further information on shipping, payments and ordering.

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How to use the grow kits

All of Trufflemagic’s growkits have simple, easy-to-follow instructions. Follow these and cultivate your own magic mushrooms or magic truffles like a pro!

Choose your manual:

Is my grow kit contaminated?

Contamination is caused by impurity in the air or on your hands. It can happen when you touch your grow kit with your bare hands, but also by the air. Fungi are all around you, always. In the air, on the ground, everywhere. To reduce the chance of contamination, you should wash your hands and keep the environment of your room clean.

Identifying contamination isn’t hard. Normally, the mycelium of your kit is white. Any other colour can be contamination. If your kit smells bad, it is surely contaminated.

However, there are exceptions:

Blue/Green: The mycelium on your kit has been bruised. This is not contamination, and your kit will grow without any issues.

Lightyellow: Older kits can get a yellow glow. They are not contaminated but just stored for too long or not under the correct circumstances. You should start growing this kit right away because keeping the kit longer will cause lower yields.


A contaminated Magic Mushroom growkit.
Locally discolored into pink. Smelly too!

A bruised Magic Truffle growkit. There is nothing wrong with this kit.

A bruised Magic Truffle growkit. There is nothing wrong with this kit.


Any other colours like pitch-black and pink or orange should be considered contaminated. Contamination is something to avoid, but it can happen to the best of mycologists. If you’re unlucky and something bad is in the air, it could happen.

If you have multiple kits growing, and one is contaminated, then remove that kit at once! Others can get infected easily.

Sometimes there is green mold on kits, that’s Trichoderma, and is a common contaminant.  It is found in soil and all over the world naturally.  It can cause complications with substrates and casings but is relatively harmless to humans.  I would harvest what’s there, and toss that entire container.

Clean your room up well.

Can I dry magic truffles?

Unlike with magic mushrooms, we do not advise drying. Read on to find out why and whether you should consider it.

Drying truffles should be done with an air circulation device. Not by heat using a radiator or under sunlight for example because you would lose most of the potency.

You can keep them long after that, but they will turn into small hard stones so you need to grind them and incorporate them into food or in a drink. Be careful with dosage as they will be much more potent per gram, of course!

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I’ve not received a payment confirmation

We send confirmation of payment and shipping through our ticketing system (Monday to Thursday), please check the tickets in your account to see if you’ve received one. You can see when your order was shipped and how long delivery should take.

If you haven’t, let us know with the following information so we can investigate what could have happened.

BitCoin payments

  • The exact date of transfer and the amount
  • The wallet address used to send payment

If you can also provide a screenshot with all of the above information, that would be super helpful too!

Cash payments

Mail is forwarded to us from our PO Box which can take around 3 weeks to arrive, depending on your location. Let us know if you haven’t received confirmation from us after this time and we’ll go from there!

My mushroom growkit lost some spores, what now?

If your mushrooms and the mycelium are covered with a black/purple powder, your shrooms have sprouted spores. In this case, your harvest was a little too late.

This happens to the best of us, but what now?

Are my magic mushrooms still edible?

Yes, you may still eat them. They may have lost a little potency, but usually not that much.

Is my kit still okay? Can I go for another flush?

Your growkit is contaminated with spores. The spores and mycelium work against each other. The spores will look for a place to germinate. In nature, this can take up to a year. The mycelium in the box is disabled by the spores and won’t produce any more shrooms. You can only get another flush on the spots that are free of spores.

Discrete shipping

You can have complete confidence in shopping anonymously at Trufflemagic.

Your order is shipped in plain envelopes or boxes without any TruffleMagic markings. Upon opening, all you see is a sealed substance, without any labels or marks. It could be anything.

No one can see that it is an order of magic truffles from Trufflemagic so don’t hesitate to order!

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Are there health risks involved?

Using magic truffles is not harmful to the body or mind. There are no real dangers. Psilocybin is absolutely non-toxic. It is not possible to have a fatal dose.

You should not use magic truffles in combination with alcohol or drugs. This intensifies the effect of magic truffles and that can lead to an unpleasant experience accompanied with anxiety and nausea.

Some people who take Magic Truffles indicate that they experience feelings of fear or even panic. This is called a bad trip. It is almost always a result of a lack of proper preparation. We have a few tips to prevent a bad trip.

To avoid a bad trip you should:

  • Make sure you’re in an environment that feels comfortable. Avoid situations in which you get exposed to sudden stimuli. The best place to be is at home.
  • Make sure someone is present who will remain sober. This is called a sitter. This person should put you at ease when you get negative feelings.
  • When you’re worried about something or have other issues you should not use magic truffles.
  • Magic truffles enhance your feelings. When you’re not feeling well or when you’re upset, the use of truffles can make this feeling stronger. When you are happy and relaxed the use of magic truffles will make you feel even better.
  • A bad trip is always triggered by negative thoughts. When you’re having negative thoughts during your trip try to surround yourself with positive things. This might be easier said than done but you really should try it. It’s helpful to prepare a “soothing pack” prior to tripping. Your “soothing pack” should contain a few things that could soothe you when you enter a distressed state of mind (e.g. blankets, soothing scents like lavender or cinnamon, chamomile tea etc.) When the environment you are in is causing negative thoughts, try to change the environment. Is the room you’re in dark? Put on a light. Is the room hot? Open a window.

The best tip we can give you is to relax.

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What are the effects of magic truffles?

What can we say about the impact of magic truffles in our brain? The effect depends on several factors. Mood and overall feel of the user are major factors. The amount of food in the stomach of the user also changes the impact of truffles on the brain. Someone who has just eaten will experience milder effects than people who take them on an empty stomach.

All users have reported similar effects in varying degrees:

  • An intensive experience of colour, sound, and feelings
  • A sense of joy and satisfaction
  • Laughing
  • Abnormal sensory perception

After taking the truffles, it takes about 45 minutes before the first effects are noticeable. When the psilocybin starts to take effect the pupils will widen, colours will appear more intensified and it’s common for people to perceive patterns on blank surfaces. In some cases it can even affect the patterns of behaviour.

Although a trip usually takes about 4 to 6 hours, users experience it lasting much longer. This is because magic truffles also affect how we perceive time. When the trip is over you will be surprised by the effects. It has a strong influence on your thinking and it is not easy to explain in just a few words how it feels.

Psilocybin is the active ingredient of Magic Truffles. Psilocybin is found in many different fungi. After taking psilocybin our body changes the substance in a compound called psilocin which affects certain receptors in the brain. There are many people who consider the substance as an entheogen. This literally means “the God within us”, and it is a term used for psychoactive substances that are used in a spiritual context. How long and how intense entheogen works depends on many factors, most important being dosage, setting and set (intention and expectations) of the user.

Psilocybin is absolutely non-toxic. It is not possible to have a fatal dose of psilocybin.

Be sure to read our trip guides and download our free ebook before your first experience.

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What are magic truffles?

Magic mushrooms and truffles are often confused. Truffles are actually the underground fruiting bodies of different types of mushrooms. Magic truffles are purely natural products that create unforgettable spiritual experiences for those who consume them.
Magic truffles contain a psychoactive substance called psilocybin which creates a shift in the perception of the user. You’ll perceive things around you differently and more intensely. In some cases, hallucinations are part of the experience. The use of magic truffles will result in a feeling of euphoria. For many people, it is a profound spiritual experience in which brilliant inspiration and ideas are born.
Other names for magic truffles are Space Truffles, Tripknollen, Sclerotia and Philosophers Stones.

Be sure to read our trip guides and download our free ebook before your first experience.

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Shelf life and storage of magic truffles

Magic truffles and magic mushrooms are a living organism. Like culinary mushrooms, they won’t stay fresh forever. The sooner you consume, the better the taste and the effect will be.

All magic truffles we produce and ship are vacuum-sealed according to the food industry standards. This way our products are kept fresh for as long as possible.

Store your vacuum-sealed magic truffles in a cool environment, preferably in the fridge. When the magic truffles are kept cool you can keep them for maximum of 3 months. After the 3 months have passed the freshness of the product can no longer be guaranteed. Advice: eat them as soon as possible ?

After breaking the seal the Magic truffles can be held in the fridge for maximum 3 days.

Never freeze your magic truffles as it will destroy its cell structure and diminish potency!

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P.O. Box and Pick Up Stations

We are able to ship to P.O. boxes and pick-up stations but please be aware that they might not accept larger orders.

How do I use magic truffles?

Magic truffles are a product of nature, so the amount of the active substance (psilocybin) is not exactly the same for every portion.

The intensity of your truffle-trip not only depends on the variety or the dose you’re taking.  Your personal body-reaction plays a part as well. Not everyone is equally sensitive to truffles. There are a couple of tips you can keep in mind to get the most out of your truffles.

  • Store the magic truffles in the fridge to keep them fresh. the fresher they are, the better the effect.
  • Don’t break the seal until you consume them to maintain freshness.
  • It’s best to eat light food like juice and soup (no meat) prior to the trip, then the truffles will be absorbed really well.
  • It’s also better not to drink any alcohol or coffee within that time.
  • Eating fast-absorbing sugar (e.g. processed sugar found in candy and sweets) causes a lower effect.
  • Be sure to chew well. Chewing causes the psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic truffle, to release.

Some people may experience a mild stomach ache just after they swallow truffles. Don’t worry, this is a perfectly normal side effect that disappears when the psilocybin starts working.

Usually, it will take up 45 minutes before the first effects are noticeable. Stay in a comfortable mental state, enjoy what happens to you and don’t fight it. And of course, you can always increase your dose if you wish to increase the effect. Take the recommended dose to start with and increase after an hour if you feel like you need more.

Because magic truffles have such a distinct taste some people prefer to make tea. To make tea with magic truffles you first have to boil some water. When the water is boiling, take it off the heat. Cut the magic truffles into little pieces and put them in the water. Make sure the water is no longer boiling when you do so as the high temperature might weaken the active ingredients in the truffles. After 15 minutes your tea is ready to be filtered. You can add some honey if you want to make it taste better.

We do not recommend taking truffles more than once a week. You will increase your tolerance and won’t be able to feel the effects. Also, we can’t guarantee taking them at a higher frequency is good for your health.

Be sure to read our trip guides and download our free ebook before your first experience.

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I haven’t received my package yet, what now?

Sorry to hear you haven’t received your order. We really want everyone to experience some quality magic truffles!

International shipping in Europe usually takes 3 to 5 business days to arrive. We have experienced deliveries taking up to four weeks (20 business days + weekends).

International shipping outside Europe usually takes 10 to 15 business days to arrive. We have experienced deliveries taking up to five weeks (25 business days + weekends).

How long the shipment takes depends on your location, custom processes and your local postal service.

Let us know if your order has not arrived after three (Europe) or five (outside Europe) weeks.

Please send along your original shipping address for confirmation. If you entered a wrong address when ordering, Trufflemagic does not take responsibility for the order not arriving.


Apart from consuming magic truffles for deep tripping, people also use them for micro-dosing to heighten their daily lives. This can be done for a variety of reasons; it helps some people handle headaches, for others it increases their awareness, helps their creativity, sport performance, or even learning.

There is no general best strain or dosage for micro-dosing, but we only use Tampanensis for our 1 gram micro-dose package.

As each individual is unique, their perfect way of micro-dosing is unique as well. If you want to try micro-dosing just start with very low doses and work from there. Treat it as an experiment of the mind!

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Are magic truffles legal?

Luckily, magic truffles are a legal product in the Netherlands. We would not sell our products if they were illegal.

The United Nations confirms that only mushrooms or other species containing psilocybin that are on the list of banned substances are illegal. Sclerotia (magic truffles) are not on this list and are therefore legal products.

Although magic truffles are legal, there might be countries in which there are restrictions around possession and consumption of magic truffles. However, we can’t check every law of every specific country. By placing an order with us you indicate that you are informed of possible legal restrictions on the possession and consumption of the ordered goods in your own country.

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Paying by bank transfer

At the moment we do not accept payment by bank (wire) transfer due to the strict (Know Your Customer) regulations. Our Previous account has been closed by the bank so please do not try to use it. We are working on this and hope to be able to offer bank services soon.

Terms and Conditions

These are our terms and conditions for ordering with us. Read them carefully. You have to agree to these terms before you order.

1. You are older than 18 years. When you order you need to provide us with information that enables us to verify your age via telephone or by other means of identification.

2. By placing an order on our website you agree to be acquainted of possible legal restrictions on the possession or use of the ordered goods at your location.

3. By placing an order you agree with the fact that TruffleMagic cannot be held responsible for any possible damage or harm caused by the use or possession of the ordered goods.

4. By placing an order on our website you confirm being in good physical and mental health. You agree not to take medication and other drugs together with our products. You agree not to use our products in case you suffer from depression, conditions that cause psychosis or are in any other way mentally unstable.

5. The use of our products is your own responsibility. TruffleMagic is not accountable for damage as a result of the use of our products.

6. The products need be legal in the country where you order them. All products we sell are legal in the Netherlands but we can’t verify the legal status in each country. It’s your own responsibility to check the legal status of the products in your own country.

7. Our product are not of medical value. They cannot be consumed as a medicine, while on certain medicines or as a substitute for medicine.

8. You have to read the information about the product carefully on our website and follow the instructions about the product.

9. Keep the product in a safe spot, away from children and animals.

10.  TruffleMagic will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the customer or recipients in the non-recoverable carriage and/or importation costs associated with the delivery of any goods or their replacement howsoever caused.

11. While we strive to ensure your order is delivered in a timely manner, the customer and/or recipients are responsible for supplying full and correct address details at the time of purchase. Should inaccurate details be provided, TruffleMagic cannot be held responsible for any resulting incorrect delivery, delays, non-delivery or charges howsoever incurred. This includes the use of false names, you can be asked to provide proof of this by our customer service agents before being eligible for reshipment or refunds.

12. Orders shipped without tracking will not be reshipped or refunded in case of non-delivery. Orders that are shipped with tracking are eligible for reshipment after 3 weeks (EU countries) or 6 weeks (non-EU countries). Orders that are stopped at the border (Customs) will not be reshipped or refunded.

13. In the event of receiving any faulty or damaged items, please contact us within seven days of receiving your order. Please do not return any goods without prior authorization. The customer will be responsible for any cost incurred for returning and insuring items, unless otherwise agreed upon. Only when the items have been safely received and inspected, will a refund be made. Original delivery costs and import duties are non-refundable.

14. Liability is transferred to the customers/recipient once an order leaves our warehouse.

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How long does shipping take?

Each order is shipped once the payment has arrived. Shipping speed depends on your location, custom processes and your local postal service.

International shipping in Europe usually takes 3 to 5 business days to arrive. We have experienced deliveries taking up to four weeks (20 business days + weekends).

International shipping outside Europe usually takes 10 to 15 business days to arrive. We have experienced deliveries taking up to five weeks (25 business days + weekends).

Let us know if your order has not arrived after four (Europe) or five (outside Europe) weeks.

Please send along your original shipping address for confirmation. If you entered a wrong address when ordering, Trufflemagic does not take responsibility for the order not arriving.

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To which countries do we ship?

All products on our website are legal in the Netherlands. If you order from abroad, please check what the law says in your country before you place an order. The responsibility for importing our products, to any country, lies entirely with the customer.


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Paying with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is our preferred method of payment as it is private and borderless. We have a secured BTC option during checkout with automatic processing. All you need is a digital wallet and Bitcoins which you can set up in 5 minutes. You can buy bitcoins with a credit card, Paypal, bank and other methods. Please use this guide for more information.

BITCOIN CAN ONLY BE USED BY CHOOSING THE BITCOIN OPTION AT CHECKOUT. Do not send payments to old wallet addresses or emails!

The BTC checkout has a timeout, it is not possible to pay later, so you would need to make a new order and pay that if it has expired. Please do not take a screenshot of the QR code to pay later. The address shown is temporary. After the timeout, it will not be valid and your bitcoins might be gone.

NEVER SEND BITCOINS TO AN EMAIL ADDRESS. If you have not received a payment confirmation from Trufflemagic within 24 hours (Monday – Thursday): Contact customer support and ask us to verify your payment.

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My order says “Payment Processing”

We confirm orders manually Monday to Thursday, so it’s normal for your status to not change over a weekend.

Please don’t be alarmed and always check the tickets in your account for confirmation of receiving payment and shipping.

All of our correspondence is done through our ticketing system so if you don’t find any confirmation of shipping, let us know!

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how Trufflemagic uses and protects any information that you give Trufflemagic when you use this website. Trufflemagic is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. Trufflemagic may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page to ensure that you agree with the changes.

What We Collect

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