Experiment: Simple Psilocybin & Psilocin Extraction

This article is for information and experimental purposes only! Pure psilocybin crystals are illegal to produce, sell and posses. TruffleMagic does not encourage anyone to ingest the end product.

Feature photo by Nathan Griffith

Simple Psilocybin & Psilocin Extraction 

In this experiment  28 grams of dried mixed cubensis was chopped and placed into a jar.  The mushrooms are soaked in pure alcohol  in warm water bath for 7 hours.
This was done by placing a rag in the bottom of a pan and filling it up with some water.

Placing the jar of soaking fungi on the rag in the water and bringing the heat up slowly.
NOTE: Alcohol boils at a lower temp (78 C). than water. Watch it closely. you don’t want the alcohol to boil!

Straining and squeezing the fungal matter 3 times. Saving the broth each time. Filtering many times while hot. Through coffee filters.
The combined strainings were then added back to the heat bath and brought up to almost a boil.

As the alcohol evaporates and the level recedes down into the glass, wash the residue that adheres to the inside of the glass back into the solution. Any fumes that are generated will be harmless because the alcohol is a non poisonous drinkable spirit. Keep flames away from the solution – pure alcohol is very flammable.

Finally put the mixture in de freezer to let the crystals form, this will take a couple of hours.

Pour off the darker pure grain and wash the crystals in some fresh everclear while they are frozen. Put into final resting place and add just enough fresh everclear to keep the crystals covered to store in the freezer.

30 mg of crystals smoked with a vaporizer

It came on about 1 minute 30 seconds into the induction. The initial rush was more profound than vaporized DMT experiences but not as intense as 5meodmt vaporized. The visual aspect was that of DMT and maybe even a bit more, hard to say, there was much going on.
Auditory and physical symptoms persisted throughout the 20 minute peaking experience. The come down was much like the downside of oral administration or fungi. After effects persisted for about 30 – 40 minutes after peak.

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7 Responses to “Experiment: Simple Psilocybin & Psilocin Extraction”

  1. James 8th July 2019 at 17:41 #

    Sounds like grain alcohol to me. He mentions pouring off dark grain after alcohol evaporates

  2. Bananery 21st May 2018 at 21:02 #

    Can you use alcohol intended for disinfecting hands? Like the ones in hospitals.. ?

  3. bob 13th September 2017 at 20:26 #

    92-96% pure alcohol.

  4. Jay 2nd August 2017 at 01:25 #

    Everclear and there was mention of drinking alcohol so it can be deduced theyre talking about ehtyl alcohol or ethanol. But i agree,clarification would have been nice.

  5. Charlie 28th June 2017 at 20:35 #

    You neglected to tell us what alcohol you used.

    This is critical information since these compounds are nearly insoluable in ethanol and slightly soluble in boiling methanol.

    • Robert 17th November 2018 at 16:57 #

      @charlie, Read it a few more times, you will find it

  6. Pembicara Internet Marketing 17th June 2016 at 07:03 #

    good post

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