Differrent types of hallucinations

A hallucination is a perception of the senses that is inconsistent with what actually happened. It could therefore be seen as a perception without an external stimulation. You see, hear, feel or smell something that is not there. Let’s see what different kinds of hallucinations there are.

During a visual hallucination you see images that do not match reality. For example you will see alle kinds of colors. Square objects are round or you see patterns in things that are not there. In extreme cases, you see things that are not even there.

An auditory hallucination is the different perception of certain sounds. Sometimes one hears voices that are not there. Another hallucination is called an olfactory hallucination. You smell a fragrance that in reality is not there. The taste hallucination is sometimes called a gustatoire hallucinations.

A different type of hallucination is the feeling of hallucination. These are sometimes called somatic hallucinations and relate to the feeling. These hallucinations are strange sensation such as feelings on the skin.
One of the effects of magic truffles are light hallucinations. These hallucinations are mostly limited to visual observations. Where a hallucination due to disease is often perceived as fearful, the hallucinations caused by the magic truffles often very pleasant.

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