David Nutt: UK Drug Law preventing medical potential of drugs to be uncovered.

Professor David Nutt is a British psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist specialising in the research of drugs that affect the brain and conditions such as addiction, anxiety and sleep. He was an goverment drug advisor in the UK but got sacked because it was claimed he was giving “mixed messages” about drugs, and he was criticizing the current UK drug law to a high extent.’

The UK drug law doesn’t make any sense

The MDA drugs act hass a drug qualification of how dangerous a drug really is, he states -among other things- that the way the drugs are classified does not make sense. For more info about his interesting views, see the video below:

Recently he publiced an article about the use of drugs for science, he states that “Regulations on using controlled drugs in research are so illogical and obstructive that they amount to the greatest act of censorship on scientists since Galileo was tried before the Inquisition, and texts advocating the sun being the centre of the universe were banned.”


In this drug law, the drugs are scheduled as:
Schedule 2: Drugs with dangers but also medical uses. These are regulated to be used in hospitals and labs.
Schedule 1: Drugs without medical value that have no use to human welfare.

Unfortunately, under Schedule 1 we also have psilocybin containing drugs like LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis and Ecstasy (MDMA). Each of which have proven to have considerable therapeutic potential by recent research in other countries. Nutt goes on “More recently, our government has tipped into this black hole barrowloads of totally un-researched new chemicals (e.g. cannabinoids, cathinones, arlycyclohexamines) because they are chemically related to banned drugs in the drug law. All these drugs are caught in purgatory, stuck in a paradox; without an established medical use they can’t be freely researched, but without this research, any medical potential they may have will never be uncovered.”

New drug regulations


Photograph: Christian Sinibaldi for the Guardian

Drugs are classified as Schedule 1 in our drugs law all too easily “but no evidence of medical value seems enough to get them out. We need to resist the scary fairy-tale that removing drugs such as cannabis from Schedule 1, or reforming the Regulations, will open a Pandora’s box.” Nutt states. “There’s much more reason to believe that we’ll unleash a Neuroscientific Enlightenment, making new discoveries about the brain and consciousness, developing new treatments for debilitating disorders like PTSD, depression and chronic pain, and giving a boost to our economy along the way.”

Nutt hopes for new regulations that support scientists and bioscience industry to uncover new medical knowledge and treatments. He calls UK folks who agree to write their MP.

Source: Drugscience

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