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David Bowie – Celebrities on Psychedelics

David BowieDavid Bowie is often called “Living art”, or “The Picasso of Rock ‘n Roll”, and as with many artists and brilliant minds, psychedelics have played a major part during his career.
Bowie was famous for constantly changing his image and his persona in the most psychedelic ways you can imagine.

During the 60’s, the singer basically lived with Andy Warhol, who was a huge inspiration to him. Warhol, on his turn, was a friend of Timothy Leary, a famous writer and campaigner for psychedelic drug research and use.

There are only three real geniuses in America. You and me, and the third changes all the time. – Timothy Leary to Andy Warhol

david-bowie-magic-mushroomsUnfortunately, In the early 70’s, Bowie started using cocaine. This drug played a destructive, but crucial role to keep Bowie’s early productivity up. He described it as his “soulmate”.
His addiction, which took almost a full decade, has never been a secret.
During the making of Young Americans, he had taken so much cocaine that “it would have killed a horse” as his producer (Tony Visconti) put it. They both nearly died of the drug.

Then, the great acress Susan Sarandon had an affair with Bowie. She recently explained that she loves psychedelics, and is not afraid of Magic Mushrooms and Ayahuasca. She also had a friendship with Timothy Leary.

Looking at the cover of Space Oddity is almost a psychedelic trip by itself.

Looking at the cover of Space Oddity is almost a psychedelic trip by itself.

Whether either LSD or Mushrooms helped Bowie to get rid of his cocaine addiction is not known. But have they helped him to enhance his creativity, and to create the brilliant psychedelic and musical legacy he left on this earth?

Listen to his music, check out his psychedelic art, and you will see!





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