Dangers of magic truffles

Over the years, several studies have been executed on the dangers of using magic truffles health. There are no studies showing that the substance is dangerous.

Dutch research has shown that the substance is not associated with physical or mental dependence. Acute toxicity is confined to the small risk of a panic or anxiety attack. The conclusion of the study is that the active substance is not a threat to public health.

A potential danger lies in an external factor. Some truffles aren’t cultivated in a good way. The quality is not good enough and that can be dangerous. People who want to use truffles should buy them from a reliable source that uses a responsible cultivation process.

If you are going to take truffles it is wise to remember some things. The effects of the truffles are not harmful but you shouldn’t take it in combination with other drugs, medication or alcohol. These combinations can enhance the effect. This can result in an unpleasant experience.

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