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“P. hollandia; Great trip experience”

“Both me and my friend received our blank envelope full of truffles within a few days of ordering. We decided to eat half a portion straight away and walk to the centre of the small village near the coast of England in which we live. Within an hour of our hike I felt a happy push in every cell […]


“Fun, fun, fun ‘til your daddy takes your truffles away…”

Greetings trufflers! I was listening to the beach boys today trying to create a summer mood during what is a rather grey day here in Zaluna land and some lyrics got me thinking. We know that Truffle magic have excellent service. They deliver swiftly in plain packaging and the post man will never know what […]


My first truffle experience

My first truffle experience was absolutely mindblowing. It is quite a challenge to describe it in words but I shall attempt to, because its effect on me was enlightening and revealing in equal measure. It was so profound that caused me to really shift on a deeper level. Many people view psychedelics as an illicit, […]


Magic truffles experiences

Today, three different magic truffle experiences from users from the whole world. The three reviews are about the psilocybe hollandia, psilocybe mexicana and the psilocybe tampanensis, also know as the Philosoper’s stone. Review 1: I was very happy with the hollandia truffles. They arrived quickly and in discreet packaging, and were in very good condition. […]


Three short psilocybe hollandia reviews

Today, three short psilocybe hollandia reviews. In our opinion, the psilocybe hollandia is the best magic truffle to use. We will also publish one long review/experience with magic truffles each week. Do you have a story about your experience with magic truffles? Don’t hesitate and send us an e-mail! Review 1: Guys, first of all […]


My truffle experience

About 1,5 Months ago I ordered magic hollandia truffles from I was very lucky I came to the site by my friends. They like eating magic mushrooms and came accidentally on TruffleMagic. Shipment After 1 Week the Shipment arrived in my Country. It was discrete packed and shipped out very fast. Btw, sorry for my poor […]


Tuesday magic truffle review day

From now, we’ll blog some short reviews about experience with magic truffles every tuesday. You can read about peoples experiences and could use the information for your own trip. Your review @TruffleMagic? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Your real name isn’t necessary, you can use your nickname. Today we publice three experiences with the Psilocybe […]


Very special psychedelic experience

Excellent service I recently ordered a sample of Hollandia truffles from  I would like to relate my trip experience with and of course, with the truffles. Firstly, the service was excellent. An easy way to navigate website and swift delivery  are sure fire winners in my eyes. The vacuum packed sample arrived in […]


My magical experience with the psilocybe Hollandia truffles.

My magical experience with the psilocybe Hollandia truffles. I’ll start with telling about the free portion psilocybe Hollandia. A friend of mine told me I could order free magic truffles online @TruffleMagic. Of course I could’nt refuse the offer, because I’m an experienced psychonaut. I already have several years of experience with mushrooms, truffles and […]


Some trip experiences

This is my first blog about this fantastic smartdrug! I will start with writing about some nice experiences I had with drugs the last years. My first trip was the most special. Tripping for the first time My first trip was the most special trip I’ve experienced until now. We ‘tripped’ at  my best friends […]


“it felt as if I could see her inner beauty as well as her outer beauty”

I recently ordered a sample of Hollandia truffles from and I would just like to relate my experience with and of course, the truffles themselves . Firstly, the service – This was excellent. An easy to navigate website and swift delivery  are sure fire winners in my eyes. The vacuum packed sample arrived […]

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