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My first trip

My first trip

After having to reschedule over and over again because of the weather or work, finally the time has come! Magic Truffles in the city park! Because this is my first trip (and for Joke and Henry their first time truffles) I order the Psilocybe Pajaritos via According to their description, this truffle will give you […]

losangeles park

Trip Report: Breathtaking trees in a LA park

Over the years we’ve received so many trip reports, most aren’t even placed here. It’s fantastic when people take the time to write a about their Magic Truffle experience. Here’s a nice trip report from a LA customer. This is also a great example of how your trip gets that much better with the right […]


Potentency-wise I would compare my dose to about 3g of cubensis.

The whole package was consumed raw and I found they had a pleasantly nutty flavor. Some minor nausea was experienced about 20 minutes after consumption, but this was was all but forgotten 20 minutes later when they kicked in. It began with the standard brightening of colors, and for a few moments I thought that […]


A very warm positive ‘high’ feeling swept over me

My review and experience of the Hollandia truffles is as follows: They were very easy to eat washed down with a glass of water, I then sat and watched television with my wife. After about three quarters of an hour a very warm positive ‘high’ feeling swept over me which lasted over an hour. I was […]


I “tripped balls”

I received my order around 4 days after it was placed and was pleased by the delivery time. However I would also like to add that, although my truffle’s were perfectly fine upon arrival, I was told by a  friend of mine that the ones he ordered had began to go off by the time […]


At peak, it seemed everything was bleeding like a polaroid

I’ve experienced the last portion of truffels to be very mild-flavoured and relaxing. I’ve cut them up in to fine pieces and put them in a royco-minute soup which was great! The trip started out after about one hour as a slow warm feeling from the stomach outwards. Then the waves started and they brought upon them […]


I started seeing changing colours and felt completely relaxed

My experience with Psilocybe Hollandia: The shipment went smooth and the package was in great state. At first, the idea was to make tea of it, because my friend assured me that the taste of chewing it would be unbearable. We drank the tea, but then I decided to eat the remains anyway. I find the taste […]

A 3D Dream

A 3D Dream

First of all sorry for my English, I’m Spanish. I must inform you that I am quite happy with your magic truffles. I expected them to be more loose but they are really powerful. The trip was really well. I was with my friends in a house in the countryside because we were going to eat 6 […]


My Psilocybe hollandia experience

Was just surfing on the internet finding this great website. Created the order at monday, received it friday. I received it in an envelope with padding on the inside. Excitedly, I tore it open to see little brown lumps sitting inside. The quality was great, it smelled like a fresh harvest indeed. Plopping them into my mouth, […]


Psilocybe hollandia Quotes

Because it’s almost Queensday in Holland we share some Psilocybe hollandia quotes. The P. hollandia is our dutch friend during Queensday! Want to share your experience with this truffle? Please contact us! C:  “We had a very pleasant time enjoyn truffle magic and making music in the nature and listen to the aliens ^_^” Girl next door: […]

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