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Kaleidoscopic effect

The effects of magic truffles

What can we say about how truffles effect your brain? The effect relies on various factors such as your mood and general well-being. Also, the amount of food in your stomach is a factor. Truffles have a lighter impact on someone who has just eaten than one who takes truffles on an empty stomach. There are some divergent experiences though. (more…)


Hallucinogens have a long history

The history of hallucinogens is many centuries old. The earliest images of hallucinogenic mushrooms can be found in the Sahara desert. It is estimated that these images are around 8000 years of age. The idea that the use of hallucinogens must have been a source of inspiration for the pictures is not new. Research on these images showed that mushrooms are frequently depicted. Although mushrooms and truffles are different, they have the same active substance: psilocybin. (more…)

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