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Philosophers stone

The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone The Philosopher’s Stone, also known as the Psilocybe Tampanensis, is a magic truffle. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has nothing to do with this truffle, except for the magic 😉 Sometimes when people talk about “Philosophers Stones”, they mean magic truffles in general The truffle looks different than other truffles. The taste […]


Psilocybin can be used to treat depression

Last Monday the results of an investigation into the effects of psilocybin where published. Psilocybin occurs naturally in magic mushrooms and magic truffles. The group mainly British scientists, published in PNAS, the results of their study using fMRI scans (functional magnetic resonance imaging scans). 30 Subjects were, while  in the scanner, intravenous infusions of placebo […]


Study reveals secret behind mushrooms

The history of the use of so-called magic mushroom as a hallucinogen is believed to be as old as human society. The most common magic mushroom is Psilocybe semilanceata and it is often eaten raw or is dried out and stored. The dried mushrooms are used to make tea by steeping in hot water. (more…)


Psilocybin helpful for cluster headache patients.

We have already several times in this blog examines the positive effects that can have Magic Truffles. Some people benefit from the effect of truffles. And not just for relaxation. Research has shown that psilocybin has a positive effect on people with cluster headaches. For those who do not know what cluster headache exactly is a brief explanation will follow. (more…)


Applications of psychedelics in psychiatry

Ask any psychiatrist what the most interesting effects of a psychedelic experience are and they’ll answer the same: the contribution of the substances to psychotherapy. Drugs like LSD, but also MDMA and psilocybin have the ability to improve psychotherapy. Positive changes are achieved quicker and easier. De drugs create more empathy and mutual understanding between […]


Psilocybin and its possible medical value

Magic Truffles give a feeling of bliss. Us magic truffle lovers already knew that off course. The active ingredient psilocybin will open your mind. This can be used for purely recreational purposes, but it can also be used for more useful things. (more…)


Dangers of magic truffles

Over the years, several studies have been executed on the dangers of using magic truffles health. There are no studies showing that the substance is dangerous. Dutch research has shown that the substance is not associated with physical or mental dependence. Acute toxicity is confined to the small risk of a panic or anxiety attack. The conclusion of the study is that the active substance is not a threat to public health. (more…)


Sclerotia: another word for magic truffle

The word sclerotia won’t be familiar for most of you. Actually sclerotia (singular: sclerotium) is nothing other than the truffle itself. The encyclopaedia says that sclerotia are a compact mass of hardened sclerotia fungus. Sclerotia are build to survive in extreme conditions. In some other fungal sclerotia remain until there is a favourable opportunity for growth. In nature you […]


Magic truffles successfully replace mushrooms.

Since the ban on magic mushrooms in early 2008, the magic truffle gets more and more popular. Unlike mushrooms, possession and use of magic truffles perfectly legal. The active ingredient in magic truffles is the same as in mushrooms. (more…)


Differrent types of hallucinations

A hallucination is a perception of the senses that is inconsistent with what actually happened. It could therefore be seen as a perception without an external stimulation. You see, hear, feel or smell something that is not there. Let’s see what different kinds of hallucinations there are. (more…)


Magic Truffles as a party drug: do or don’t?

Some drugs are known to be very popular in the nightlife. When people are going out or at parties they’re often used for an even more intense experience. The most famous party drugs are surely ecstasy, amphetamines, and cocaine. These are illegal drugs, the possession and use is prohibited. (more…)

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