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Psilocybe hollandia

Paddos/magicmushrooms Since the ban of magicmushrooms, also called paddos, people started to use other drugs. From then, smartshops sell more and more magic truffles. Truffles are a sort of replacement for paddo’s. But they have different effects. There are a lote of different sorts of magic truffles. The Philosopher’s Stone, also called Psilocybe tampanensis is […]


Psychedelic films

The top 8 of psychedelic films, according to movie critic Lucy Tonner. She writes: ‘There are many films in existence that seem so “out-there” that it’s hard to ignore them, much less stop thinking about them once you’ve seen them.” (more…)


A few tips before using magic truffles or mushrooms

I have done a lot of thing while tripping on magic truffles or mushrooms. I discourage a lot of these things. Things you shouldn’t do while tripping Start to experiment with any drugs while you’re too young Use truffles with people you don’t know Use truffles at a place you don’t know Use truffles while […]

Truffles and sex, good combo?

Truffles and sex, a good combination?

Whether it’s a good idea to have sex while taking truffles, is personal. The idea sounds appealing as a trip intensifies feelings. Trufflemagic asked people about their experience. (more…)

Front page Sp!ts

Interview with Sp!ts (Dutch newspaper)

The mushroom went underground (Translation of the original Dutch newspaper article) With the recent ban on the drugs khat in The Netherlands, a new question arises: what’s the status of other recently prohibited drugs? The pychocybin mushroom went underground as “triptruffle” and turns out to be an online hit. BY JORN JONKER AMSTERDAM – Khatchewers in […]


The best experience: how to achieve it

In one of our previous articles we have discussed the key conditions for a nice trip: set and setting. Although these are the main conditions there are more things you should take into account to achieve a nice trip. In this article I look at what else is involved. (more…)


How to get the most out of a trip: the set and setting

If you are curious about a psychedelic experience and want to get the most out of it then you should ensure that the conditions are optimal. I have previously written about this, but because it is such an important aspect I go at it again. There are some things to keep in mind for an optimal experience. The […]


Psychedelic music is an enrichment for Magic Truffle lovers

Anyone familiar with the effects of Magic Truffles know certain images or certain music can influence the effect in a positive way. This makes the experience even more memorable. This music has been known under the name of psychedelic music for years. Psychedelic music is a term for a wide variety of music genres that […]


Outstanding Magic Truffle straight from the Netherlands

Next to the windmills, wooden shoes and tulips Holland has his next export product that is about to surprise the world: the Psylocibe Hollandia. The Psylocibe Hollandia is a magic truffle that is the result of years and years of cultivation of the natural stimulant magic truffles. Magic Truffles are the truffles that grow on […]


When shouldn’t you use magic truffles?

Although the use of magic truffles is not harmful to the human body there are a couple of situations in which the use of magic truffles is not recommended. For example if you are on medication. The effect of the truffles can then be unpredictable. The consequences can be annoying and unexpected. (more…)


Trips: How do you create the right environment?

The experiences of people who enjoy a trip with magic truffles vary. Some people find the experience unforgettable, in a positive way. You want rule out negative experiences as much as possible of course. The environment in which you take the magic truffles has a major influence on your feeling during the trip. (more…)

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