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Boom Festival 2012

Psychedelic Festivals worldwide that you should visit in 2014

BOOM Festival August 4 – 11 | Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal Imagine a huge picturesque lake in a beautiful Portuguese scenery with people from every country in the world. No chemical products are used and everything is powered with wind and solar energy. There is a strong focus on nature and consciousness. There are no differences, we […]

Electric Lady Museum visited by Trufflemagic

Electric Ladyland – A beautiful trip in a psychedelic museum

If you come to Amsterdam and want a psychedelic experience caused by something other than Magic Truffles, make sure you visit Electric Ladyland, world’s first (and probably only) museum of fluorescent art. It’s truly an unique experience. I did this prior to the trip I had later that day, to get a nice psychedelic flow […]

Why do some get a bad trip, and others not

Why do some get a bad trip, and others not?

As we’ve written many times. Your dosage, mindset and atmosphere have a huge influence on how your trip is perceived. But why? Take a look at this video from TALKTOFRANK about LSD (same goes for magic truffles and magic mushrooms)  


Meteor Shower (falling stars) in the night of August 12 – 13

In the night of August 12-13, you should definitely consider to stay up night. You can expect an amazing meteor shower with 84 meteors per hour! (Called the Perseids). This is the perfect moment to truffle outside! Your open eyed visuals won’t get any better than this ūüėČ The peak will be somewhere between 03:00 […]

Psy-Fi Glow in The Park Groningen

Goa / Psytrance festivals July 2013

Here is a list of the psytrance festivals in July, let us know if you are going and where in the comments below! Anything missing? Let us know! July 4-7 Forestronika Festival 2013, Lebanon W:¬† GENESIS Festival, Sweden W:¬† July 4-8 Life Celebration Festival, Pula, Croatia W:¬† July 5-7 Connekt Festival, Natz, Italy W:¬† F:¬† […]


Goa / Psytrance festivals June 2013

Here is a list of the psytrance festivals in June, let us know if you are going and where in the comments below!   June 21-30¬† Spirit Base festival – Rajka HUNGARY W:¬† June 24 Midnight Resurrection XL – Maribor SLOVENIA W:¬† Inti Raymi Festival 2013 – Cusco, PERU The ancient festival of the Incas, […]


Psilocybe atlantis

Atlantis before I use the New Magic Mushroom: Psilocybe hollandia: Overall quality: Great, delivered in a vacuum-sealed package, perfect for using immediately or freezing. I used them after about three weeks (put them in the fridge). Taste: Mmm. Not my thing. Nutty, but with a weird afterflavour – but really, this is the case with […]

Drugs and film: Requiem for a Dream

Drugs and film: Requiem for a Dream

Requiem¬†for a Dream¬†has become a¬†classical drug film. I specifically remember the rawness of the characters. And¬†the intriguing¬†music. Requiem for¬†a Dream¬†is about¬†different kinds of¬†drug addiction. As a result,¬†the characters are locked in a¬†dream world of¬†disillusionment¬†and despair. The original¬†book¬†dates¬†from 1978 and was written¬†by Hubert¬†Selby¬†Jr. The film¬†was directed by¬†Darren¬†Aronofsky,¬†and received¬†many awards. Drugs¬†and addiction The story is about¬†the lives […]

Tribes gathering festival

Tribes gathering festival

Yes! The first outdoor festivals are coming. Relatively new in festival land: Tribes gathering. From¬†Friday, April the 6th, until Sunday, April the 8th, you can¬†enjoy music, arts and culture. So, the festival starts within less than one week. Music, arts and culture There are 7¬†stages with¬†different musical styles, including¬†psychedelic, acid,¬†dub step and¬†minimal house. So, something […]


What to do when having a bad trip?

A¬†bad trip¬†is what the¬†name already¬†says.¬†The¬†impressions you¬†get when you¬†eat Magic¬†truffles or mushrooms¬†can be overwhelming. If you¬†have feelings¬†of panic¬†or anxiety after taking the Magic, it‚Äôs¬†called a¬†bad trip. There are a few¬†things you can¬†do to¬†avoid getting a¬†bad trip. Only use magic¬†truffles when you are comfortable.¬†Don’t take magic truffles when you have concerns.¬†Magic¬†Truffles¬†enhance¬†your mood.¬†It’s¬†not true that you¬†can¬†make¬†a¬†bad feeling¬†go away […]

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