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Answers to parliamentary questions from the Minister

(Continuing the previous article about parliament questions.) – Translation of the original Dutch article. Response from Minister Schippers (Health) on behalf of Minister Opstelten (V & J) to questions from the parliament member Bouwmeester (Labour) on psychedelic truffles. (2011Z24951). (more…)


Parliamentary questions about psychedelic truffles in The Netherlands

(Translation of the original Dutch article) On December 1, 2011 Lea Bouwmeester, parliamentarian of addiction, mental health and prisons has submitted parliamentary questions in response to an article in newspaper Trouw on the unregulated sale of Magic Truffles in Holland. According to Lea Bouwmeester: “The unregulated sale of psychedelic truffles in gift shops is a very bad thing. Tourists are not informed and get them in large portions. “This will go wrong, says the president of the association of smart shops to newspaper Trouw. I agree with him. I asked whether the ministers involved agree with me that it is better to […]


Magic truffles successfully replace mushrooms.

Since the ban on magic mushrooms in early 2008, the magic truffle gets more and more popular. Unlike mushrooms, possession and use of magic truffles perfectly legal. The active ingredient in magic truffles is the same as in mushrooms. (more…)


Truffles: are they legal?

In 2008 the then Minister Klink of Public Health in the Netherlands issued a ban on possession of dried mushrooms. All of hallucinogenic mushrooms, both fresh and dry. are now on list II of the Opium Act. The ban on magic mushroom is subject of discussion. There is no direct evidence that they are harmful to the health if people use it responsibly. […]

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